Thursday, May 12, 2011

He was supposed to be...

Cleaning his room.

Only it was taking waaaayyyyyyy longer than expected (although, a job of THAT magnitude would have needed some serious time...).

So, I peeked in on him...fully expecting him to be playing his DS...laying on the floor amidst the debris...

Turns out, I was wrong about that DS.


  1. I've walked {ok, stormed in} to my daughter's room when she was taking to long to clean her room and found her snoring away as well! lol

  2. I love that his room is so very messy. It makes me feel better. My boys destroy theirs daily. Thank God for summer! The mess can stay outside!

  3. I think I have the same problem...every time my kitchen looks messy I think I need a nap :)

  4. I used to read when I was supposed to be cleaning.

    Hm, I have some cleaning to do today, should I nap or read instead??


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