Monday, May 16, 2011

Introducing, the aunt that nearly exploded me.

Friends, I'd like to introduce you to my aunt.

Or, maybe I should call her "She who almost blew up her oldest niece."

Look at her...prolly scheming about ways in which to take years off my life:

"And then, I let that bottle rocket go, like this here..."

"Bwahahahahaha!! Right into her hair!"

Wait. Mom? Why are you laughing?!?!

( ya, J! Imagine the memories you created by nearly exploding my head...we'll talk about this one forever, rest assured!) ;)


  1. I bet! I'd never let her live that one down! hahaha Don't you just love memories like that?

  2. Gonna print off this pic and distribute it accordingly. Obviously everyone needs to keep an eye out for this dangerous aunt on the loose! ;)

    (Hope you let her live it down at some point!)

  3. I'm glad you lived to tell the story! (:>)

  4. I love your family memories. I wish we had family memories like this.


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