Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's time for a Date...ACHOOOO!!

Hello, friends. This is Mama M., reporting live from the "Epic Allergy Attack of 2010". *ACHHHOOOOOO!

Please excuse me, if I sneeze. *ACHHHOOOOO!

Currently, I'm wondering where a body metabolizes Zyrtec, 'cuz I'm thinking that maybe if I take the whole bottle, then, perhaps, I'll be able to stop this sneezing and sniffling and red runny eye business I've got goin' on. And, I'm sort of at the point where I'm thinking that the risk of needing, say, a liver transplant would be worth a little relief from this. I kid. Sort of.

I've taken to wearing my N95 mask from work and a space suit when I go outside. Yes, I may look funny, but I'll do what it takes to prevent that damn pollen from getting near me.

In fact, speaking of space...maybe I'll move. To Mars. I hear there are no trees there. Or grass. Or ragweed or goldenrod or whateverthehell it is that is making me sneeze 8,936,173 times a day.

Ack! I'm sorry for whining...I'm not usually a such complainer, but DANG! Whoever died and made pollen God needs to be hunted down and tortured.

Pollen, I hate you. Yes, hate.

I would love to show you a photo of me right now...eyes swollen to little slits, bright red and glossy, and the look of a perpetual sneeze on my face. But, I'll spare you the sight, because if you did actually see me, you would burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter and I would be responsible for the peeing of many pants.

Trust me when I tell you it ain't pretty.

Shall we get onto Date night? ;)

This week, I'd like to introduce you to:


Mommy of a Monster

Written by Natalie, a stay-at-home mom of three under three, an honest blog about trying to keep my sanity in the chaos of my everyday life. No subject off limits, no BS allowed. If you're looking for June Cleaver, you won't find her here!

Natalie is a busy mom of three, her blog is adorable, and she co-hosts a fun weekly blog hop! Head on over to say 'hi' to Natalie, and tell her Mama sent you!

I know I keep mentioning something "new" with the Personals that I have up my sleeve...but stay tuned, it's getting closer! If you'd like to be listed in my Personals, head on over here for the deets (just try to forgive the wonky spacing...that page is so whacked right now, I can't figure out how to fix it!)

See you tomorrow! *ACHHHHOOOOO!! (Oops, sorry, I forgot to cover my mouth on that one, did I get you?)

Edited to add:

PS...While I'm waiting for the allergist to call me back, I'd love suggestions, advice...what works for you? Has anyone done the allergy shots? I'd really rather not move to Mars...although, I haven't ruled it out! ;)


  1. Much to everyone's disgust I'm begging and wishing for a heavy frost (which I know I won't get for another few months but still...) because I'm in the same boat. Doesn't matter that I am taking allergy meds, I still wake up several times a night with a sneezy, runny nose! I need stock in kleenex companies.

    Have you tried Chloroseptic's Allergen Block? I actually works REALLY well, but you do have to reapply every four hours...I know when it's time b/c my nose starts going nuts! :)

    Good luck.

  2. Here's another "have you tried?" for you: Dr. A. Vogel homeopathic formula Allergy Relief Pollinosan. It is said to relieve ::insert voice of Antonio Banderas:: hay fever, sneezing, sniffling, water eyes, swollen lids, itchy nose, itchy skin and nasal congestion. I love this stuff. Found it at a local health food store some years back. For more info call 1-800-641-7555 or visit their website: I feel for you. I know how miserable allergies can be.

  3. I am reading this with a box of tissues at my side. Fall allergies are the WORST and it stinks because I just love FALL! I use Allegra. It seems to work better for me, but nothing is perfect. Maybe this is the reason I love winter so much? Fell better.

  4. I got a hold of some great quality fish oil, and have been on it for a year. I went from being jacked up on zyrtec and flonase to nothing and being FINE!!! If you find my blog, go to May 2010. There's a whole blog post on good quality fish oil and what it does for us!!! You won't be sorry! I promise!

  5. Thank you for making me your date!! I'm beyond excited...I was not on the computer all weekend and missed my day to shine here :)
    I'm giving you a thank you shout out tomorrow!

    As for allergies...two weeks ago I blogged about the exact same problem! But I thought I had pink eye because I had goopy, nasty, itchy eyes. Turned out it was a horrible sinus infection and allergies...I've never had allergies that bad before. I got my first ever allergy shot and it was incredible! The next day my nose stopped running, my eyes weren't itchy anymore...and I haven't had any regular allergy symptoms since. I'm a new allergy shot fan! Also...neti pot. Couldn't survive without it. Good luck!


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