Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh give me a home...

Where the buffalo roam...

This little guy (girl?) better watch out...he (she?) picked a bad angle to nurse from!!

Awww...I'm kinda missing South Dakota...and all those buffalo (is the plural of buffalo, buffalo? Or would it be, buffaloes? buffalae?)...and that amazing blue sky!


  1. I was going to ask where that was, then you told me. I've been to South Dakota a few times and have never seen that. Your pictures are beautiful. Framing material.

  2. Those are beautiful photos! I can't get over the sky - that blue is blinding!

  3. Our high school mascot is the buffalo. We always use Buffaloes for the plural, but we live in Oklahooma, so I'm not sure if it's correct.

  4. Wow so they just walk in the road like that?? Unreal!

    That sky is beautiful!!

  5. HOLY COW....I meen buffalo....that's alot of buffalae!! haha....

    Beautiful pics

  6. Very cool. It's like when I visited CO... do you think they appreciate it all?

  7. Those are some beautiful pictures. Well, except for the confused baby buffalo LOL. I can't believe how blue the sky is, so pretty!

  8. I've never been out west! Looks gorgeous there!

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  10. Wow, those are great photos, the third one in particular. You ought to have it printed and framed.

    And I vote for buffalae, just because!

  11. I vote for Buffali.

    Love the pics!

  12. Wow! Your pics are postcard perfect. Makes me want to visit South Dakota and see for myself! You should request a kickback from the South Dakota tourism board (or whatever actual entity promotes tourism out there!). -E

  13. Oh that picture of the clouds in the blue sky is just AMAZING! Thanks for sharing that....may I copy it? Just to maybe add to a blog post someday with one of my poems? It is so beautiful and inspiring. (It's ok if you'd rather I wouldn't).

    I have been to South Dakota a couple of times and we saw tons of buffalo and they are awesome!

    Mount Rushmore is so cool. How they did it is still really something huh? Even when ya see the pictures of it in progress and everything, it just seems impossible to make that. I love it!

    Glad your family had a nice trip.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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