Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Date Time!!

As we await Monday, and what an insurance adjuster will tell us...I'll bring you this week's date!

Tomorrow...I will tell you the story of the felled tree. I'm sure you'll be anxiously awaiting it. *snort* ;)

Anyway...I'm feeling a little punchy, so I'd better just get down to business! this week's Date of the Week:

The Crayon Wrangler!
Married Mom to 3 little Scribblers. My blog is all about Coloring Outside The Lines. Teaching my children and myself to define our own lives by challenging the rules. We like crayons, quiet nights at home (yeah right!) and laughter. Come grab a crayon and doodle with us...just not on the walls, please.

C-Dub is an IRL, never before met IRL, but IRL nonetheless buddy of mine! She is hilarious, wise, and a fun loving mom! Her "Real Mom's of Genius" and "Lessons Learned" posts are so fun to read...AND she just published her first e-book!!

Head on over to visit the Crayon Wrangler...and tell her Mama sent you!


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