Tuesday, August 3, 2010


<>This post has no rhyme or reason. It is totally random, without thought, and off the cuff. The following photos are just eye candy. They have no significance to this post at all. ;)

I just finished my first ever "official" photo shoot...replete with a scheduled time (as opposed to haphazard shooting when the opportunity arises). I think it went pretty well, if I do say so myself! (And...I've gotta say, it was equal parts disarming and comforting that it was with people I'm familiar with!)

It is hotter than Hades here. Like, I'm gonna die, hot. I was so hot last night, I turned into a sniviling, whiny, "I'm sooooo ho-OT!!" kind of a girl last night. I broke out an ice pack, laid it on my tummy, and proceeded to not fall asleep until after 2am. But, that was from the caffiene I had at 4pm (I should know better!).

We are still waiting on the insurance adjuster (seriously!! Don't these people know that my life is in limbo?!!!) who is slated to arrive tomorrow morning. We're debating on whether or not we should jump feet first in the house remodel we've been tossing around for a bit, since our home will be torn apart anyway.


Well...I've got so much work to do, I need about an extra 24 hours tacked onto today. That would be helpful. Plus, I work tonight and tomorrow night.

Oh, and btw...I think this man is incredibly handsome:

And this song, well...I LOVE it!


  1. Great Photos! And...you should TOTALLY go for the complete house remodel. Now's the time!

  2. Chainsaws are hot.

    And maybe this tree fall was just a little push for you to do the remodel. Embrace it! Plus, men wearing toolbelts, preferably with hard hats and no shirts - uber hot.

    Unless they're the fat, grungy type. Then, I'd hold off.

  3. Oh! And I was showing my mom one of your movies - the one with the maybe baby daddy, and she was laughing so hard she nearly wet herself. And then she saw your post about the Cap'n Crunch chicken and tried it that very night. You're so cool!

  4. lovely photos! :) good luck getting things accomplished... when you're finished with your motivation, would you send it my way? thanks! :)

  5. Great picture~ It is also very hot her as well:) I too love Chuck Wick song and your man is quite the looker:) Great post!

  6. LOVE that video. I have never heard that song. I am going to have to share that w/ my hunky hubby too. :^)

  7. Did you watch that video? Chocolate covered strawberries?!?!? Well, I'd forgive him...cause that singer is HOT!

    Sorry to hear about your sucky adjuster... I say, go for the remodel! Then its full steam ahead! (This coming from a lady who is 5 years in.... so take my advice for what its worth...about 2 cents)

  8. We just got done with a remodel/addition. It took six months for the addition part. (Last fall we had to tear down all the interior sides of the exterior walls to install insulation since there wasn't a drop).

    We are so glad it's finally over. We are glad we did it all at once so we never have to live through it again.

    My OCD Cleanliness Standard went down. (Although we pretty much ate out or out of the microwave because of all the dust! I refused to try to cook anything and consume dust with it).

    I cried when the cleaning lady came in and made my house tolerable again because it got to the point I was showering with shoes on. (I am also pregnant but I swear that has nothing to do with it!).

    I'm happy not to have to be through the shower before all the construction guys showed up at 8AM so I can sleep in or stay in my jammies all day now if I want to.

    Our Budget is very hurt by the additional costs. (I say add 20% to the bid to not be surprised and that's even if they told you they padded it!).

    All that being said, we are very pleased with our beautiful new space.

    If it's already going to be a big project, I'd say go for it and get it all out of the way and I expect to see some unhappy posts in the midst of it! ;)

  9. I'm not sure how hot it is in the Frozen Tundra, but here in Arkansas, it's atleast 2 degrees hotter than hell. And seeing how I am getting to that phase of pregnancy where I am growing at an uncomfortable rate, this combo aint good. Last night my DH was shivering under the covers (all 3 of them) while, I, in only a t-shirt over this large and in charge gestational state, was sweating bullets under the BED SHEET, with the AC on 72, a fan on my face and over my head. Remind me to never get pregnant in the summer again! LOL.


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