Monday, August 23, 2010 has me in a death grip.

First things first...have you voted for me?! Pretty please do?!! ;) Oh, and can vote for me everyday!! Wait, maybe what I should say is...will you vote for me everyday?!, quite a few weeks ago, we were in a transition. The photojournalist in me (stop laughing now, it sounded good, okay?!) was capturing every step we took...

The little cribside mirror that entertained our babies...

The lovely crib headboard that experienced the pounding of many baby feet...

The siderail, that was used as a teething toy for our babes...

I had grandiose plans to tell you all about it...but then, life grabbed me by my hair and forced me to dance with it. And party with it. And stay out past my bedtime with it. Dang's so demanding.

And now, I've got a life hangover. I want to sleep, I want a clean house and organization...and I keep begging God, "Please!! I promise to never let life take control like that again!! Just make things better!!"

And God keeps telling me, "Mama, you will let life take control deal with it."

Now...many, many weeks after I first took those photos...after I shed a tear or two about taking our crib down for the first time in 9 years...after I stocked up on pregnancy tests, certain I had just jinxed myself by taking that crib down...guess what?

Life is still making me dance with it. And, the crib still sits...right where I left it.

I'm wondering...could someone please cut in and dance with my life for just one song? I have somethings that need to get done around here.

I promise, I won't let my life touch your butt while you're dancing.


  1. I voted for you today! Looks like you are in the lead :)

  2. I voted for you today and will vote for you every day until you win that 500 dollar gift certificate.

    Good Luck!

  3. Voted!!

    Make sure you are taking some time out for YOU!

  4. Oh I cried and cried when we finally took the crib down. I couldn't even be around when it left house to go to a new home, a new home with new babies.

    That stage of my life is done. I am grieving. When will the grieving pass, when will the sadness be over? I adore the new and wonderful stages all are in right now!!!! I really do!

    But with closing a chapter on pregnancy and babies, labor, delivery, nursing all night ( I loved it all), preparing my oldest to begin high school and finally accepting my chronic illness, it's been a rough week!

    But, Lord, will this desire of my heart ever leave? You tell us in your word, you will answer the desires of my heart.

    Maybe I should find a new desire??

  5. You have a nice blog here. What are we voting on?

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