Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well...this is it.

Our vacation is "officially" over. Part of me wants to beam and giggle and jump up and down, while another part of me wants to throw myself on this gorgeous South Dakota ground and chant, "Hell NO! I won't go!!"

There's no stopping it tho'...this vacation must end...and we must drive the 47,000 hours it takes to get back home.

And that's not including stops.

We already know we're stopping in Wall on our way home...and with children who are just as indecisive as I, we could be there for 12 hours.

I'm blissfully exhausted...and I'm really looking forward to my curtains.

My curtains that block out this horrid butt crack of dawn sunshine. It's like it's taunting me, the sun that is, "Oh, Mama! You can't stop me with those canvas walls you are hiding in! So WAKE UP!!" And sometimes, I really wish I could flip it the bird and it would leave me alone for a few more hours.

But I can't. So, instead, I'll just look forward to the glorious black out curtains that hang from my windows at home.

Maybe, if I keep my eye on the prize, perhaps the drive home won't seem so unbelievably long. Maybe?

Wish us luck and if it's your thing...we'd love some "get them home safely" prayers!


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  2. Drive safely! Those curtains are waiting for you! :)

  3. Gotta hate that ride home. it always seems longer after the vacation. Hope it goes by quickly and you get home safely!

  4. let those curtains be the motivation to get you home quickly, safely, and happily!

  5. Praying for a quick, safe, peaceful ride home! :)

  6. Great photos of the fam!

    And of course it's my thing....drive home safe!

  7. Prayers of safety and sanity!! I can't even imagine that drive with my 5!! Soon you'll be home, in your own bed! FYI - Your family is gorgeous!

  8. I am always a mess the last day of vacation! I am sad about having to get back to real life while being excited about what's in store.

  9. So glad you are having fun! Love the pictures!

  10. Great pics, hope you enjoyed you holiday and your ride back home is as pleasant as it can be :-)
    btw: I awarded you.

  11. oh man I hate driving, I dislike being in the car. Your pictures are wonderful. I can not wait to hear more about your trip

  12. You have a great looking family.

  13. You need YOU to be in that picture too:) Isn't that the mom in us- we are never in the pictures...
    glad you are home safe and that you had a great time- my family took a trip out west a few years back and it was soooo much fun. I love looking back on the memories.
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