Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cosmos...It's the Best!

When I heard about Cosmos, from people who offered me suggestions and from my bestie...I KNEW we had to go there.

In fact, I was most looking forward to Cosmos out of everything else!

Cosmos is a "mystery", set in the woods, in which all reason and logic go right out the window. On level surfaces, people seem taller or shorter than they normally are, water flows up hill, trees bend at odd angles and everything just "feels" weird!

Just standing still, we either leaned forward:

Or backward:

People could sit on a chair on a ledge:

And, it took me having to pull myself to get out the back door:

The "shack" we toured was a "replica" of the original shack that some college buddies built and "discovered this cosmic force"...our tour guide informed us that pilots report their gauges "go crazy" when they fly over the Cosmos site.

I'm certain that there was some kind of optical illusion...but DANG! It made me feel goofy! I actually got a little queasy walking through that shack!! I'm so glad I didn't barf tho...since I'm not quite sure how that would've turned out in that shack...flow up hill, perhaps? ;)

This was also one of the more reasonable "experiences" we participated in!

Cosmos: 7 Wonderful's Thumbs Up!


  1. Weird! Makes me think of Lost. Dharma Initiative would totally be into researching that place!

  2. Weird...sounds like a really interesting place to visit!

  3. I love these places; we have one at our amusement park, its so neat!

  4. That place looks awesome! Although it probably would make me feel a little queasy too...

  5. They have a place just like that in California called The Mystery Spot. I've been there many times, it's just so kooky. The trees grow in spirals and there are no birds to be heard anywhere. It does make you feel super funky and I always have a headache when I leave but man is it interesting.

  6. Very cool! I love those weird types of places.


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