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Good gracious, you guys. WHEN DID LIFE GET SO BUSY???????

Holy moly. Last time I looked it was April 1st and then I turned around and it's April 15th and we're thick in the craziness of spring sports and talking about summer activities and OH MY GOSH there's like 20-something days of school left!!!

One of the things I noticed when I took my school job was how SUDDENLY we were crazy busy and I came to the conclusion that either: 1. I had no idea how much work my husband did in the evenings when I worked at the hospital or 2. Now that I was available as a "mom" and "wife" and "parent" in the evenings, we just GOT busier because, well: I wasn't working evenings anymore, so why not fill them up with something else?!

Regardless, it was great timing because it HAS allowed me to get more involved and to have what I like to call a "normal" life with my family. One thing I've taken on, of late, is to chair a big event at my kiddos' school. Anyone have any advice on running a big dinner/auction event?

'Cuz I'll take all the advice I can get at this point.

Obligatory blog post photo that is unrelated to anything but Sweet Baby Jesus, isn't this girl adorable????? THAT THUMB SUCKING!! My niece:

And, ohmigosh. Guys? My biggest boy is TWO WEEKS AWAY from finishing his first year of college. He's, like, practically a bonafide adult now! Make it stop. I truly (not lying here) miss the days of temper tantrums, sleepless nights, blowouts, and meltdowns...the "big stuff" now is just SO. MUCH. BIGGER. Decisions carry more weight. The worries are deeper. Mamas, hug those babes and embrace that meltdown with the knowledge that soon, and very soon, that melting toddler will soon be a growing man telling you about "Case Day" at college.

Gah. When did this happen?!

And our summer is filling up with weddings. 2014 must've been a love filled year because ALL THE PEOPLE are getting married. All of them. Every last one of them. It's insane. And fun. And crazy.

The weather 'round these parts has been GLORIOUS and makes a person want to be outside all dang day and just soak it in. Have I mentioned how excited I am for summer to come? 

In the meantime, I'll just sit back ( sitting, too busy) and enjoy the sunshine and gale force winds!

One last obligatory blog post photo...I want THIS hair. Now. Like, yesterday...

(Photocred...somewhere on the internets. Was Pinteresting and screenshotted it. Hey, can you past tense "screenshot"?)
Hope life is well with you!


  1. Just stop by to read your Blog; What a good read and yes, your niece is adorable!


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