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Judgemental, Much?

The other day, I was deep in a FaceBook know, a friend that commented on another "friend's" photo that tagged someone (who's that?) and that someone else's someone who OHMIGOSH we have a mutual friend LET ME LOOK AT ALLLLLLL THE PHOTOS? Yeah, that. Anyway, the "someone else's someone" that was tagged in the photo was about 8...and I was all, " 8?". So, OF COURSE I had to look at that person's page and I went as far as the cover photo, shook my head in disgust that some good-for-nothing parents let their 8 year old have a FaceBook page and promptly left, because "Hi! I'm Mother-of-the-Year. I never make bad decisions. Never fail at parenting. And OH MY WORD. I would never and I mean NEVER let my 8 year old have a FaceBook page."

And then it dawned on me. What if...I mean, bear with me here, people...WHAT IF that "someone else's someone" was so proud and in love with her 8 year old daughter THAT SHE USED HER AS HER COVER PHOTO. Shocking, right? I mean, that is inconceivable.

Suddenly, I was all kinds of disgusted with myself. HOW DARE I judge so quickly? I didn't even bother to look further than that cover photo. I didn't even take the time justify my disapproval, I was THAT QUICK to just decide that,  "Wow. There sure are some interesting people in this world that would let their 8 year old have a FaceBook page." I just decided, in that nanosecond that the woman's whose page I was on was a terrible mother...just for allowing her daughter to have a FaceBook page.

And you know what? There probably are PLENTY of 8 year olds that have FaceBook pages and still, WHO AM I TO JUDGE?! While I won't agree that Facebook (or any social media) is the place for an 8 year old, it certainly isn't my job to be the parent police and shame the virtual bejeezus out of parent for it.

Last I checked, I had my own children to raise and guide to good decision making and protect from harm and feed and clothe and love and nurture and dote and smoosh; I can promptly take my nose out of other people's business...and immediately cease passing judgement on complete stranger's BECAUSE OF THEIR FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO.

How ridiculous can I be? In my defense, I'm happy to say that I remedied my judgement quickly and it was a welcomed slap in the face for me. A wake up call of sorts, to keep my attitude in check.

For the record, unless aforementioned 8 year old is in Human Resources, it is, indeed, her loving mother's page.

Excuse me now, while I walk away with my tail between my knees...

Hashtag lesson learned. ;)


  1. I think its human nature to judge, so please don't beat yourself up about it :) Its always good to remind ourselves that the parenting decisions we make are best for our family and not everyone will do it the same way :)

    (btw, my kids need to be 13 to have FB page :P )

  2. lol, it is easy to jump to conclusions. This is why I don't get mad when aggravated. I always go off on someone who doesn't deserve it. Of course the real meanies get free pass. But you know with children and facebook; I don't know if a virtual existence is that healthy. I enjoy searching facebook, reading articles from the newsfeed but it is a waste of my time. Time better spent living life and up moving.


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