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My Cousin (and her entire wedding party) Is a Rockstar!

Last Saturday, my amazing cousin, Jackie, "took the plunge" and tied the knot with her equally amazing fiance, Dan.

Why so "amazing", you ask?

Well, aside from being pretty fabulous people with awesome personalities and great senses of humor, I'll tell you just why they're so "amazing". Scratch that, I'll just show you:

After a brief look of surprise at her almost hubby, she (they) were nothing but smiles and laughter!! What a cool wedding party.

I absolutely love how Dan (the groom) holds onto Jackie as they're sinking into the lake! He may have been holding on for dear life...but I'm thinking "chivalry is not dead"! 

My aunt told me when she arrived, the groomsmen were all standing around in their "skivvies" and she was all confused...then she found out what happened! This has made local news around here (and, possibly even captured the attention of CNN!!), check out this Fox9 link for more photos of the "after"!

Funny side story, the morning of the wedding started off rainy and overcast, with more showers forecasted throughout the day. Jackie and Dan had until 11:30am to make the call about whether they were going to move their ceremony inside or keep it outdoors. Apparently Dan made the call to keep it outside and Jackie's response was, "Okay...I just don't want to get wet!"...hahahahah!! Little did she know...


  1. Yep, it's viral alright! It made the aol headlines and I'm sure many more!

  2. This was on the news in Australia last night!


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