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It's Crunch Time...

We are DOWN to the wire, folks. Like "running into home and your pants begin to foam" down to the wire.

Party. In two day. DOS days. 1. 2. Days.


Also of note: Do not plan a remodel to begin promptly after your last party guest leaves because: WHICH EVENT DO I FOCUS ON?!

Holy moly. I've got taco meat to make, photo boards to finish, condiments to buy, bars to bake, nooks and crannies to clean, playoff games to make, Little League practices to forget (which I have done...too many times than I want to admit) and there are only so many hours in the day.

Several of those hours which require me to be fast asleep lest I turn into an angry monster that bites people's heads off because I didn't get enough sleep. Forget "beauty" sleep...I need "nice" sleep. sleep could be seen as a "need" as well.

And if we're speaking of "needs"...I also need another of me. So I can be in two places at once. Which, in the interest of full disclosure, I don't think would really be all that helpful because I'm sure the "other" me would feel the need to attend all of the playoff games right along side me.

People. Listen to me when I say this: Senior Year "Events" are not for the faint of heart. Good golly, you will be evented out by the time your sweet little cherub walks across the stage in his cap and gown. You will have cried and fretted at everyone of them, all the while worrying about all the events comin' down the pipeline atcha.

So why am I on the ding dang computer you ask?

'Cuz I'm waiting for photos to finish uploading at 11:20 at night (yes, I wrote this last night) so I can order them so that they will be ready to pick up bright and early tomorrow morning and be ready to put on photo boards of my big boy for his party IN TWO DAYS! (Now that's a run on sentence if I ever saw one...)

That's why.

Peace out.


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