Monday, June 2, 2014

Enough Tears...Back to Home Remodeling!

You didn't think I forgot about the Kitchen Remodel, did you? Psh, OF COURSE not!! I was simply sidetracked by being on the emotional roller coaster of watching my biggest baby graduate from high school.

That's all.

Back to the remodel.

T minus 7 days and we will be tearing into this project! We've got the appliances ordered, a bazillion ideas swimming in our heads, and a crazy plan of flying by the seat of our pants with "relocating" during the project. I mean, do we REALLY need a plan? Can't we just be all "Oh, okay, we don't have stairs and there's a big gaping hole between our living area and our bedrooms...let's just sleep downstairs."? That's my kind of plan.

I've discovered that the best laid plans are only subject to why have a plan?


I am the queen of "flying by the seat of your pants". I should've majored in "crunch time decisions" in college. 

Anyway...things are moving along!

We've had a new flooring contender enter into the project...tell me what you think: 

(Photo courtesy of Unique Wood Floors)

Asian Blonde Walnut, aka "Blonde Acacia". I am IN LOVE with the swirls and the light and the dark and the rustic look of it. I totally think we're gonna go for it...but I'm a little worried it's going to be too dark. Thoughts? Our cabinets are going to be a medium-dark stain, so I don't want the floor to be too dark.

The counters will be light.

Oh dear heavens. I can NOT WAIT until I get to see my kitchen all finished!! I mean, I CAN wait...cuz when it's done, we'll be over 1/2 way through summer vacation and I am NOT ready for that!! But I am super excited for my new kitchen!!

Speaking of summer is my first "official" day of summer break! Yay!!!! Guess what I get to do?

Get ready for Pal's grad party on Saturday.

Plan. All. The things!!! Yeesh. Wish me luck!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE that flooring!!!


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