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A Valuable Lesson Learned.

There are several reasons I started blogging. To capture and preserve photos of my kids. To remember their little quirks. To get on a soap box about various things. To tell you crazy stories. To share little tidbits of information that I've gleaned.

This post is one of the latter reasons.

So, y'all know about the "Great TV Debacle of 2013", right?

Ugh. Still makes me shake my head in disgust. Side note: I have now started to notice flat screen TV's in the backgrounds of peoples' tweets/FaceBook posts/Instagrams and OH MY. They are in the DANGER ZONE, PEOPLE!!! I look at them and think, "How did our TV only last 25 days?!"

I digress.

We decided to go with the offer Vizio gave us. Our "special order" went through, delayed a bit by its "specialness", then came the shipping company would be calling us the night before to let us know of a time frame for delivery. We got our phone call and made sure we were home "between 4 and 7 pm".

Sure as you-know-what, they show up a suppertime. Delivery dude tosses (yes, "tosses") our TV up onto his shoulder and brings it in the house, tells me to "sign right here". Me, being the nice Minnesota girl (and busy with supper), asks, "and what am I signing?" and he tells me, "just that we delivered it".

I scribble my name, take note of a small gouge in the box, wish him well and off he goes. Hubby goes to set up the TV, and OH MY GOSH. 

The screen.

I almost died. Then I thought of that paper I signed and wondered "WHAT ON EARTH DID I JUST SIGN?????" and began the process of contacting Vizio.

Long story short.

Vizio is a wonderful company with awesome customer service. That paper I signed (and ONLY signed)? A form, with boxes checked off stating that the product had been inspected by me and that I declined to remove contents from the box to assure proper functioning.

That delivery dude, or one of his sleaze ball workers, duped me. They checked off those boxes at some point (before I signed? after? I have no idea...I didn't even see them.) and left me with a demolished TV.

Vizio made things right...but unfortunately, will not be reimbursed by the shipping company because of the shady sign off.

So, let this be a lesson to you. READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING!! Even if you're in the middle of supper and the natives are threatening to burn you at the stake if you don't hurry up with their steak. READ IT.

Do not, under any circumstances, accept the word of the jackwagon delivery dude that you're signing "just that we delivered it".

Which leads me to this: Thank you, Vizio, for being an upstanding company. Thank you for your amazing customer service. Thank you.


  1. We have 2 Vizio TVs and I don't think I'll ever buy from another company. I Love them to pieces.

  2. Good advertisement for Vizio and great testimony of their being a good company. I will remember this!

  3. We have been looking at new TV's, can't make our mind up on the brand. After reading your blog it will be a Vizio! Thank you.

  4. Oh my gosh, that's horrible. But wow, I'm guilty of "just signing" too. I'll have to be more careful!


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