Wednesday, September 18, 2013

She is 12. TWELVE.

12 years ago, how does 12 years fly by so quickly?

Seemed like just yesterday that she would tug at my shirt and say "dis" ("nurse") in church and she got her words mixed up and said things like "kash kash" (washcloth) and "mlet" (melt) and had cheeks so chubby it made you want to nibble on them.

Now, she knows how to say washcloth and melt and her chubby cheeks are long gone, replaced by her long, lean frame.

My girl is a radiant little ball of extraordinary wonder. She has a heart of gold, enjoys helping her mama out, loves little kids, is smart as a whip, neat as can be and absolutely, positively a joy to be around.

She promises me that she won't be a "crabby teenager" and while I am sad to see how fast time is flying by, I am excited to watch her as she travels along her path in life. 

This girl? She will do things.

She will go places.

"And though she be but little, 
She is fierce."
-William Shakespeare

Happy, happy, happy birthday, sweet girl!

We love you to the moon and back (and back and back and back!)!!


  1. Happy Birthday Belle! Have a super day, may you get everything you wished for.

  2. LOL... It took me a second to figure out why she would be saying nurse in church. I thought she was calling you by your occupation! Then it finally sunk in. Can you say DUH?

  3. You can see the sweetness in her eyes. Beautiful!


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