Monday, July 8, 2013

So, We Went on Vacation... there anything better than vacation? I'm quite certain that there is not.

Not a single thing. Well, except for babies. And perfectly cooked bacon. And family. And, well, are AWESOME.

Even when pink eye is raging through your family, vacations are STILL amazing.

This year, we vacationed with my side of the family...a treat from my parents and HOLY MAN, I loved it. We returned to the same resort that we went to 5 years ago...5 years ago when my babe was just a toothless 6 month old. (In related news, she learned to sit herself up AND got her first tooth while we were at this very resort for the first go 'round!)

I kept marveling at what a difference 5 years makes. 5 years ago I had a 12 year old, a 6 year old, a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 6 month old. CUH-razy. Totally on survival mode then. Now? I actually got to relax on the beach. And sit down. And not worry about naps or diapers or breastfeedings.

So, here's our vacation in photos:

Loads of swimming/beach time.

My dad and bros.

Fishing! The fishing on this lake rocks!!

Family photo for our Christmas card...Christmas in July, yes. My baby bro leaves for dental school on Wednesday (insert sad, teary face here) and won't be back in time to take a photo for Christmas summertime photo it is!

My girl and my godson...getting ready to tie dye!

Tie Dye fun!! A weekly resort activity and an AWESOME souvenir! I'll have to show you after pics...our tie dye shirts ROCKED the resort. :) Not that I'm biased, or anything.

 Baby Girl, working intently on her shirt...

Nephew, making his Viking's colored shirt.

Brother, making a matching Viking's onesie for the baby brother of aforementioned nephew (and the cute little guy pictured above with Belle).

Next activity, the rocket ship building and launch. The kids had SO MUCH fun with this one! The resort owners used to be teachers, in their former life, and I'm guessing Brian (the owner) was a science teacher...he talked about mass and velocity and all sorts of stuff.

The team with "Phil the Rocket"...still makes me giggle about the name! Such a goofy name for a rocket!

Team Phil watching the launch contest...we made it SO far into the contest! I was impressed with our rookie launch! I'm guessing we placed 6th-ish among 17 rockets! So, so fun!

If you're from MN (or planning to visit MN), I HIGHLY recommend Campfire Bay resort (no, they did not pay me to say that!). Gorgeous lake, amazing fishing, super clean cabins, awesome owners and INCREDIBLY family friendly!

Can't wait to go back someday...


  1. Ahhh vacation! I need one of those. Glad you enjoyed yours! Looks like it was tons of fun!

  2. It is a really nice place, and I believe we stayed in Jan. for the fishing contest.

  3. Oh my gosh - love ALL of those pictures. You made me smile throughout this post! You have a lovely family, could see all the joy in their eyes :)

  4. this looks like a amazing vacation, I love vacations where we are together


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