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It's Not Goodbye.




It's just..."see you later, alligator".

My baby brother is moving. To California.


Hold me.

He's off on his next chapter in life...dentistry school. He's headed to San Francisco to figure out all it takes to be a dentist.

Let me lay out a few rules for you, Baby Bro:

Number 1: You must call, text, Facetime and/or Skype with us weekly. Or, okay, at the very minimum biweekly.

Number 2: You must not meet a California Girl. Remember "The Midwest Farmer's daughters really make you feel alright". If you meet a girl in California, she can hail from no farther away than Brainerd or Willmar, MN, otherwise she might use her womanly wiles to keep you in California. Got that?

Now that we're clear on that, moving on:

Number 3: You must never, ever, ever, never, ever miss a Christmas whilst you are learning all things dental.

Number 4: You must not fall in love with California weather and decide to stay there forever.

Number 5: See Number 2.

Number 6: See Number 4.

And, lucky Number 7: You must have fun.

I'll miss you bro. I'm beyond excited and thrilled for you and this adventure in your life and have no doubt that you will (in the words of Treehorn) "kill it". You've got this, J! Can't wait to watch you succeed!


  1. Don't worry....the weather in San Fran isn't that great. As in, better than MN but no where close to San Diego. Sorry, guess that wasn't much of a comfort to you! But good luck to your baby bro!! I'm sure he'll come home as fast as possible!

  2. Aww, Hugs, I know how it feels. My immediate family has always lived within walking distances of our homes.... then my brother moved across the state and I felt like I was in mourning for him, which is a weird thing, but you know what I mean, just missing him so much!

  3. Oh no, not to scare you but out of three friends/family who moved to cali only one ever came back...that weather and laid back "thang" brainwash people I swear! Hugs, I know you'll miss him, but good uncles always visit!!! :)

  4. He's off on his next chapter in life...dentistry school. He's headed to San Francisco to figure out all it takes to be a dentist.
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