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The Countdown is On!!


Three and a half days.

That's it...3 1/2 days of school left and then it's "104 days of summer vacation, and school comes around just to end it!" (Name that ditty.)

I'm not sure who looks forward to summer vacation more, me or my kids. Last year held a lot of promise, and then approximately 3.2 hours into summer vacation I was sick and tired of the bickering and fighting and declarations of "I'M BORED!" and I packed up my hot, sweaty kids and my grumpy, hot self and we hauled our butts down to Sam's Club and bought a trampoline.

"HA!" I declared, "That'll show 'em."

It kinda worked.

But this summer vacation? I'm determined to not let there be ANY bickering and the first utterance of "I'M BORED" I will provide them with a list of chores that need to be completed...*insert evil motherly laugh here* mwuahahahahahaha!!! That'll show 'em!

Then, the rest of the summer should be a breeze, right?

Actually, the rest of the summer is proving to be crazy busy. Grad parties, family vacations, the boys going to the Boundary Waters, and house projects GALORE (we have our OWN grad party to look forward to next year...WAAAAAAAA!!!)...yeah, I think we'll stay occupied!

Anyway, the countdown is on. Only 3 more "school nights" until summer vacation!

Then, let the party begin!!


  1. Ditty = Phineas and Ferb. Love that song!

    Enjoy your summer vacation! I wish I was able to be home with my girl during the summer.

  2. I've been singing that particular ditty all morning! We're OUT! Friday was our last day of school, but I did haul the kids over to help me with a PTO project this morning. Now, because I am the awesome mom that I am, they're all sitting with me at my office trying to decide what kind of treat we're having for lunch, since on their first official day of vacation they've had to 1) go to school and 2) go to work with mom. ;-)

  3. Of course, pre-emptively monologuing the master plan has been the end of many a may be now that will not hear even a whisper of 'bored' all through the break and be stuck with all those chores...


  4. MO-OM!! Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence again!

  5. Your summer vacation plans include Michigan, right?!?!? :)

  6. Hehe, house chores to keep them busy? Let me know how that goes! When we were kids, my mom would make us pick out a book (a very large one, for example, one summer, we read Great Expectations)... we would read out loud, taking turns for each chapter.


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