Monday, March 4, 2013

My Grandpa...

I've mentioned before that my Grandpa is pretty much the bee's knees...he'll help you in an instant, he knows how to fix anything and everything (might not be the "right" way to fix it, but fix it he will!!), he's young at heart and spry and enjoys coming to the kids' events and is just pretty much awesome. 

(Ha! Caught him off guard in this photo!!)

He's also quick with the one liners.

Here's a couple recent ones:

Gram and I were cooking something delicious, Gramp tried it and said, "I take back everything I was thinking about you. Not everything I said, 'cuz it's already been said. Once a bell's been rung, you can't take back the ring!"

I died. Oh dear heavens, I just died.

Then there was this, Gram was writing a list with a marker that wrote with a very bold (read: fat) line: "You can't write with that thing, it spreads out too some women's hips!"

Gram had a good comeback for that one, but I was too busy laughing to remember what she said!

Then there are these "Gramp Regulars":

"Now you're loggin' with a pitchfork!" (Translation: You're doing a good job!)

"Let's DO something, even if it's WRONG!" (Translation: We've been standing around much longer than is okay with grandpa!)

Love this guy! Never a dull moment with him around!

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