Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Ol' Gramps

Man, I love my Grandpa!

He's awesome, and I know I've extolled his virtues before (I think?)...but, did I ever tell you how stinkin' funny he is?

Dry, grumpy old sense of humor...we love it!

We recently had dinner at my grandparents home. My mom and dad, my aunt, my cousin, my bro, my was a grand, yummy old time!

Football was on TV (don't ask me who, 'cuz I couldn't tell ya if you held a gun to my's not my thing)...and anywho, there was an argument brewing,

Gramps, "Oh, he fumbled!"

Dad, "I don't think he had control!"

Gramp, "Heck, yeah...that was a fumble!"

Dad, "No, I really don't think he had the ball!"

Gramps, "That was a fumble!!!"

Dad, "I don't think so!"

(Insert instant slow-mo replay here...)

Dad, "Uh...see, see?!! Look, ball's not in his hands, oh...touching his chest, bobbling (my dad likes to talk along with the replay), juggling, no control...I don't think he had the ball!"

Announcer, "Incomplete pass!"

Then my mom, the moderating peace maker (love ya mom!! She recently "discovered" my blog--had to give her a shout out!) the peace maker she is, she pipes in, "Okay, dad...what do you say to your son-in-law now?"

Gramps declares, "Jack a**!!"

Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! The room erupted! Belly laughs, snorts, chuckles, giggles...and maybe a couple of piddled in panties. (So much for that "You were right" that my mom was hoping for!!)

Dang hilarious, if you ask me!

Oh, and yes...if you are is the same Gramp from this story!


  1. Funny story! These are the characters your kids will take happened to me... :)

  2. Grandparents are just THE BEST. My son is so close with my dad and it thrills me to pieces!

    Your dad seems like a great man.

  3. Haha! So cute! Grandpas are so clever. :) Love your blog!

  4. I just saw on that you posed the Community question of the day. Wow - you are so famous!!!!! I loved her fart story. Thanks for the laughs as always :-)

  5. Hilarious! I love it! It's so awesome you still have your grandparents.

  6. That was awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ha! That made me laugh. Love it!!


    P.S. I totally see where you get it from now! ;)

  8. too funny!! sounds like my grandpa...

    my grandparents would babysit us while my mom went to the grocery store when we were little. my younger brother was potty training, and he would yell for someone to come help him wipe.

    my grandpa's response: "wipe your own d*mn a**"


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