Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Date Night!

Hey friends! It's Sunday, and we all know that that means it's time for a date! While my newly returned, and incredibly missed husband/daddy snoozes with our babes, I thought I'd throw up a quick Date post!

I feel extremely selfish...for missing my husband as much as I did when he was just away for a few days...when so many of you selflessly "loan" your husbands (and wives) to us to protect our country for much, much longer than that.

Once again, thank you...thank you for the sacrifices you ALL make to defend our freedoms.

I'm gonna stop now, before I cry all over my keyboard and ruin my computer. This whole prednisone/Aunt Flo combo is the PITS! I tell is awful. I am a teary, emotional wreck...but hopefully on the down swing of this!

Sorry. I won't bore you with that anymore! BUT...I will show you some of my favorite photos from an impromptu photo shoot with my favorite 5 year old...


Onto our Date!

This week's Date is:
Wow being healthy is hard! As a beginner I am still learning, and no where near being an expert. Taking it day by day, and changing not so good habits. I hope you will join me in finding ways on living healthier! Check out my healthy and maybe not so healthy recipes.

Angie currently has a recipe on her latest post that looks DELISH! And, has cilantro, and I'm a sucker for anything with cilantro in it, but it looks YUM, I tell you...YUM!! Her blog is full of healthy information, guest blog posts by health professionals, and encouragement!

Stop on by, pay Angie a visit...and tell her Mama sent you!

Have a fabulous night, my friends...I'm off to steal my husband away for a little of my own snuggle time with him!


  1. He is so handsome! Love that cute face!

  2. Welcome home, Mr. Wonderful. That is indeed a handsome five-year-old. Thanks for keeping up with the Date. I'm off to check out Angie's blog

  3. Love that last photo...My son was in the gulf and was supposed to come home for 2 weeks, but instead they sent him straight to Japan boohoo :o(

  4. Lovely photos! I adore the last one...cracked me up ;)

  5. Oooohhh Eeee! Thanks for the date! I am blushing from all this attention.

  6. Oh Mama, you too?? predinsone and Aunt Flo??? Arghhh! What's are the chances of that! hahaha, but seriously, it stinks!

    The pictures are gorgeous!

    Can't wait to check out our date!


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