Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just 'cuz...

Just 'cuz I already miss summer...

Just 'cuz we had such a great vacation...

Just 'cuz I like to post photos...

Just 'cuz.


(FYI: I am participating in a program with LG and have been selected as an "LG TextEd Ambassador"! What does this mean for YOU? Well, over the next several weeks, there will be a series of posts on Text Education topics! Check out the latest topic, "Mobile Meanness"!)


  1. Look at you, skinny as all get out with five kids. <>!!! What a great photo of everyone!

  2. Me too, me too, me too! :)
    The picture of your whole family is ADORABLE!!

  3. I think I smell a christmas card pic! That is such a great shot of everyone.

    And Miss Mama.. we have to talk! Look at you all skinny and cute. Jealous! If I had 5 kiddos I would look like I backed up to an air hose.. no kidding! You rock.. You and Kate and all this HAWTness kill me ;) Have a great day sunshine!

  4. You know, I love fall, so I don't miss summertime yet. But you can be sure that when the freezing cold temps and the snow starts showing up, I'll really be missing it then!

  5. Your pictures are just darling!! Such a lovely blog :)

  6. (shriek!!!)
    I LOVE the picture of your little girl with her mouth wide open---SOOOOO cute!!!!!
    You have a lovely family! Very nice pictures you've posted! =)


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