Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.

Dear Belle:

People are always telling me how beautiful you are, but what they don't that you are the most beautiful on the inside.

You have a heart of gold...and your inner beauty radiates throughout you.

You are kind, caring, and sensitive, yet silly, funny, and a complete joy to be around.

9 years this very entered this world. While we had never yet met you, we already loved you more than you can ever imagine. You brought a joy to our world in a very sad time for our nation.

As I look back on the last 9 years, I wonder where the time went...and I realize how quickly the next 9 years are going to go. In 9 years, you will be an adult...and that thought, is just a little too much for me to bear right now.

I want to keep you young...keep you close. I want you to be my little girl forever...but grow up you must, and so I promise to do my very best to raise you up right!

We are so incredibly blessed to have you...I hope and pray that we do you proud. 'Cuz you deserve nothing but the very best.

I pray that you always stay true to yourself...that you never lose your warm heart, your tender ways, and your caring attitude.

We love you Belle, you are so special, amazing, and wonderful!!

Don't ever forget that...

Your Mama


  1. Happy Birthday to Belle. She is adorable.

  2. Aww, I'm all teary eyed for real! So sweet. Happy Birthday Belle!

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful, sweet, loving and sensitive Belle! I know she will have fun being 9 years old. Half way grown Mama !!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet, beautiful daughter! What a wonderful way to celebrate her!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter! She's lovely! My own daughter turned 9 recently so I know what you are feeling - I want to hold on to that little girl as long as possible!

  6. I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  7. Happy birthday to you Belle!

    What a wonderful way to wish her Happy Birthday!! Loved this post, it brought a tear to my eye..

  8. *sniff* I can't handle kiddos growing up! Hugs to you all! Happy Birthday Belle, and happy Birth Day, Mamma! (And btw, her glasses are beyond adorable!)

  9. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!!!

  10. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!
    What great pictures, Mama M, you are so good!!

  11. Clicked over from BlogHer - love your post! Belle certainly is a beautiful girl! I have a daughter who just turned 10, and that did not go well for me. Hope yours has a wonderful birthday!


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