Sunday, September 19, 2010

Date Night!!

Oh, what a weekend!

A day at the MOA yesterday (which was originally planned as just a few hours, but instead there were 80 billion scrapbookers there and they took up all the parking spots and I used up my "couple of hours" just looking for parking...then we had our first Build-A-Bear "experience" and then I had to muster up the courage to have my "big talk" with the peeps at Apple...who ended up being fabulous. How did I think I'd be able to do the Mall of America in just a couple of hours? It's called "bad judgement"...that's how.), a busy day of the Belle's birthday party readying and partying...and I'm pooped!

I promised myself that I would be in bed by 10pm tonight...seeing as how it's already 9:30, and I'm not ready for bed...I doubt that'll happen.

My intentions were good, anyway.'s Date Night!

This week, I'd like to announce our Date of the Week as:


Hello! My name is Katie from The Life and Times of Katie and Scott:...I love life and love blogging about it. I love finding new blogs to read and "meeting" new bloggers...Head on over an join in, in the fun :)

Katie just celebrated a birthday and her amazing man recognizes a girl's need for a BirthWEEK, not just a day! ;) You've gotta check it out! And, tell her Mama sent you!

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