Monday, September 13, 2010



This is what it sounds like in my house in the morning.

And these guys, they're coming from my body!

I roll out of bed to wake the school kids...creak.snap.pop.crack...and tiptoe into my daughters' room...creak.snap.pop.crack...only I don't know why I'm tiptoeing, 'cuz the creaking and cracking from my own body is louder than any squeak the floor could make.

One of these days, this old body of mine is gonna wake the baby with all the noise it makes, and then, not only will I be old, but I'll be cranky, too.

I'm getting old right before my very ears.

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  1. You look too young to feel that way! But I know how it is. I feel the same way. UGH!

  2. I don't often feel old but my body often sounds old. We call it old man noises and they happen frequently at our house.

  3. I just spit my iced tea all over when I saw that picture.

    Damn it needed a disclaimer! That pic is HILARIOUS.

  4. I love that you attempt tip toeing around the house. Its cute. You're far far far from looking old at all, but i get what you mean... I think at times having kids makes us all feel a little old.

  5. HAHA...I'm the same way too. But, I've heard that it's good to "pop"! Means there is lots of air between the joints and they aren't rubbing together...if that makes any sense! So creak, snap, pop, crack away!

  6. I wrote a similar post a month or so ago about all the pops and creaks! I noticed it trying to sneak out of my sleeping toddler's room! ;)

  7. My knees crackle when I walk up the stairs - and I'm NOT OLD!! And just so you know, your ears and your nose NEVER STOP GROWING! ugh...

  8. My feet. They give me away EVERY time I try to enter and exit a sleeping babe's room. But that's only because the rest of the pops and creaks happen before I get to said room. And I'm not yet 28. That's bad juju.

  9. I know what you are saying because my knees do the same thing when I am walking around!


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