Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Note Life

Dear Life,

I was wondering...if it wouldn't be too much, could you please get off my back?

I know you're only tossing little straws at me, but one of these times, that straw is gonna break this camel's back.

I really need you stop crushing me, and allow me to breathe just a little easier. M'kay?

Oh, and PS-Thank you, for miraculously making our phones work. I appreciate small gestures of niceness like that. Feel free to keep that up.

All my best,


  1. I hope you get your spirits up real soon. I'm in love with your blog (sorry I've been a stalker…until now) for a few months and absolutely love your writing style. I can totally get your personality out of your writing. So, bums me out that you're blue. I hope things settle just right real soon (did that even make sense?)

  2. I totally thought I was commenting on your latest post. But you get the point!

  3. Life can be a pain in the arse sometimes. I get straws tossed on me too and yeah sometimes it just kinda collapses on me as well.

    Although, sometimes I'm convinced my daughters are the ones throwing the straws... hmmm, might have to investigate.

  4. Sometimes when I click on your link from my dashboard I get a message saying, "blog not found. 'My Little Life' doesn't exist." Makes me feel a little anxious as i often wonder if my own little life exists. I see that you have a more recent post entitled "Uplifting" and that is what i was trying to read. For whatever reason, it's not coming up yet. Doesn't take much to confuse me. Oh well. Here's hoping life let's up just a little until you're feeling better and before it breaks your back! Hang in there. -E

  5. Sometimes life has to knock us down so we can appreciate the ups... Or something along those lines. I know how you feel. The ups are the blessings of our children... I take solace in their little idiosyncracies that make them so precious when I'm getting down. Hope you pick up soon!


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