Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's too good!

Is it a me thing, or does everyone suffer somewhat from "it's too good I can't use it" syndrome?

Ugh. I drive myself bonkers, sometimes!! And, I totally have my mom to blame for this (geez, what luck. I get her weird quirks, but not her long legs. Oh, the unfairness of it all...).

See, my mom...she has this thing. She'll buy something new...take for example, her new Pampered Chef spatulas...but, because they're new, she won't use them.

Kinda like a "save it for good" type of thing.

Like what, then?!! When?!

Mac 'N Cheese? Nope, not good enough. Beef Burgandy with Risotto and Asparagus? Yup. That'll do ('cept...ah...she doesn't make that!)! Break out the fancy spatulas! Nevermind that no one will actually see them...much less use them, other than her!

(Pssst...hey, Mom! That's weird.)

And now? It's happened to me. Oh, the horrors!!!

My new jammie pants? Can't wear 'em...('er, couldn't...for a bit).

Ugh!!! What am I waiting for? I mean, what kind of special occasion will it take to break out the new jammies?!

Ah...nevermind. Let's not talk about it (shhhh...my mom reads my blog! That might make her throw up in her mouth a little bit! And!! My MIL reads too now! Oh, I think I'm blushing from just the insinuation...)...okay, I'm kidding.

Kind of.

Sort of.

You see...I had to force myself to wear my new jammies. It coulda had something to do with the to. die. for. packaging they put my new ja
mmies in...I totally woulda been content to just take them out, smell them...and lovingly replace them into their cute little carrier bag (with a ribbon!!).

Yeah...but I'm bigger than that! So, I shoved my neuroses aside, gently took ripped the tags off and plunged myself into those jammies.

It was a do or die.

Kinda like that phobia cure they do...

What is that called again? You know, where they lock you in a flight simulator to cure your fear of flying...only to let you out, covered in vomit and crying hysterically?

Yeah...that. What is that?

Anywho...this "syndrome" is a curse. This thinking things are "too good" to use.

For pete's sake...it's ridiculous.

You will be glad to know, however...I have officially broken in all of my jammies. They are now washed and worn and no longer "good".

Which means I can wear them whenever.

Which means I just may never take them off.

'Til next time, my friends...this is your neurotic Mama M. signing off! (Don't forget...it's my mom's fault that I'm this way!)


  1. You're jammies look super cute..and cozy!! :0)

  2. I'm the same way with all my favorite tops! I realize that I wear them so much less than my frumpy day to day tops, because I don't feel like there is a reason to look THAT good. They just sit in my closet waiting for an occasion (which very rarely comes) that I might feel is special enough to doll myself up! Sigh...

  3. Oh you are not alone! Same here... With parfum for example. Or shoes. Or Shirts.
    So I think I cannot blame anyone for this. I'm just crazy ;-)

  4. Chiming in with the "You are not alone"
    I am the worst for kids clothes. That is WAY too cute to wear for every day. We will save it for a special occasion.
    Next thing I know, I have 30 outfits that have never been worn in a size 3 months only to have a 6 month old child.

  5. I am the same way! It took me almost two months to wear some comfy Aero pants because I didn't want to get them dirty/get dog hair/ruin them. Now I wear them all the time.

    Break the cycle! You can do it!

  6. I have their jammies too! They are so comfy I actually wore them over to a friend's house the other night! Good thing we were staying in ;)

  7. I'm there with the babe's clothes...oh that is such a cute outfit, but it just isn't the right occasion...then before I know it - too small!!! Ugh!


  8. You are definitely NOT alone in your neuroses. I think I may show my husband your blog so that he will finally know there is someone out there that is just as weird about these things as I am! LOL

  9. Ok, Mama M! I love you & all but this is one of those habits that my HUSBAND has that i just can't stand. He won't wear his nice dressy casual jackets to places like dinner or church b/c he thinks it's "too nice" yet he will wear this TACKY FARMER PLAID UGLY FLANNEL jacket ANYWHERE!!! he's like "i don't want to mess up that jacket, it's a nice one!" i'm like "WHEN is ok to wear it?!?!?"

    ACK! It drives me crazy!!!

  10. I totally understand! I don't like new stuff to get old and ruined and... well... USED!

  11. Cute jammies! Yea, the bag they came in is totally pretty and cute. :-)

  12. Thinking I will have to see if they have an online store.

    P.S. I do the same thing with my cooking utensils.

  13. I do this with cute tops-- I have hard water and I'm kinda tough on clothes--so it feels like it's only new for about a minute. And as soon as its faded or pilled--I put it in the "only if I have nothing else to where pile". Hmmm . . . maybe I should just invest in the water softener :)
    Anywho, I also have this problem with comfy jammie and yoga pants because mine tend to get a hole on the inner thigh (or higher) within the first month--argh--so I only wear them "sparingly"--you know, for when the neighbors might drop by--but when I know no one is coming, I put on those holey jammies :) I need to buy better quality maybe, no?

    so, my neurosis is because I just don't keep things nice long enough. I think the neurosis is justified. so you're totally normal :) so there :)

  14. My mom was the exact same way--she wouldn't burn candles because they were too pretty new. She wouldn't wear new jammies becasue she wanted to save them for a trip. I refuse to be like that.

  15. That is funny! I am a little like that but not with my new pampered chef stuff. I always break that stuff out and use it right away I LOVE it too much to save it!

  16. haha. I tend to do the same thing. I have a blanket that is sitting in my closet waiting for the right moment. I also have hundreds of coloring books not colored in because I wasnt a good "colorer" when I was younger and wanted to wait till i was better/older.


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