Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Me and my M.A.C.

Let's clear the air here...by M.A.C., I do not mean cosmetics...although I hear they're pretty good.

But no...remember this post? In which I casually mention that I recently acquired a Mac? Yes...that is the Mac I mean when I refer to M.A.C...as in, "Mine And not the Children's".

So, I may have mentioned before that I can't make a decision to save my life have a hard time with decision making. Really hard. Like, I agonize over things for days and weeks and years and decades before I make a decision.

'Cept with havin' kids. Just jumped right in with that one. Interesting...

Anywho...I did it. (ahem...upon proof reading, I discovered that that sentence...the one right before this one in parenthesis? Yeah, that one...well, put into context with the sentence above...well...*cough* ahem...*blushing* it, kind of...well...it kind of sounds...gosh, nevermind...my dirty mind...)

Well, then...carrying on...I asked and pondered and fretted and contemplated and asked some more...and finally decided that yes, a Mac is what I want need.

Then, I went to the Apple store...and if my mind hadn't been made up before I walked into the store, it was within 2 demos of what a Mac can do for me.

Nevermind the un-viralness of Macs, or their pretty design...I was sold. Hook, line and sinker...'specially with the photo stuff!

So...friends, meet M.A.C. (I'm afraid Kate's started something with naming new devices...first there was Marlboro Man...and now M.A.C.)...M.A.C., meet friends (M.A.C. says "hi"...).

I'm, honestly, still a tad overwhelmed by what I can do with this thing...I mean, gosh...I feel like I just dove in, but did one of those shallow dives where you just stay on the surface of the water? Yeah...that is exactly how I feel!

I know that in the cool blue depths of this machine, lie some pretty rockin' capabilities...now, I just need to take a big gulp of air, hold my breath, and...

Dive on in!

I'm afraid I'll get the bends if I come up too fast...or dive too deep...so, anyone with any tips, ideas, how to's...I'd love 'em.

And, I'd love you.


  1. Enjoy! New toys are always fun to discover. Hubs has a mac but I settled on a dell mini for portablity not features. Have Fun!

  2. I have a Mac and I love it!!! I have had it for going on 3 years and it still is like brand new! My husband bought a Toshiba laptop about the same time I bought my Mac and his laptop has died...it's sad really!

    When using a Mac you have to stop....clear your brain...then go for it. Macs are such simple computers that when we are used to all the difficulty of PCs it is weird to realize how easy it is to use the Mac.

    Enjoy :o) I have talked my Hubby into buying a Mac laptop now since his Toshiba died (actually my Mac talked him into it :o).

  3. you seriously must be my twin..
    I have a freaky weird thing for naming my electronics too...
    I have iZzie Bella {the iphone}
    Sophia Nicole {my Nikon camera}
    and MACkenzie {my new MAC computer}

    we are kindred spirits I tell ya!!

  4. You are much more brave than I!! I just can't make the switch from PC to MAC...I just won't do it! I hope you enjoy your new toy, though, as new things are always fun to play with!


  5. I figured mine out so pretty much anyone can do it if I can! Luckily my hubby uses one at work so he helps me. My favorite part is having about 100 windows and hopping around to blogs and blogfrog and twitter and commenting and tweeting and interacting in several communities all at the same time. Love the scatter option.

  6. It is beautiful. I have a MacBook too. LOVE it. It took a little getting used to. But so fun! and WAYYYY cool! I love that my husband who has a PC sits down to help me and is completely lost...and then I ultimately figure it out. HAVE FUN!

  7. Mac is the only way to go. I have been using them for over 10 years and wouldn't have it any other way!

  8. I love my MAC more than anything in the whole world!

  9. I'd love some tips too. I have a MAC and have had it for a while, but always use my Dell laptop. I am overwhelmed by the MAC. So, if you figure it out, will ya fill me in?

  10. I am getting a MAC, SOON! I can't stop dreaming and drooling.

    Enjoy it! We'll be getting a desktop though, we have a DELL laptop(hate.it) and it's gonna be pushed aside!

  11. Macs are 'Mazing!!! I use mine for work (school teacher) and at home ALL the time!!! Your gonna L-O-V-E IT!

  12. hey! congrats on the new addition to your family! :)
    i have wondered this for a while, what are the big dif btw a MAC and PC?

  13. New toys are fun. I think when you asked I suggested you do what we do and get both. I'm married to a rocket scientist and he just has to have it all in the house, so he has it all, and he gifts me too :)

    You are going to have such fun with your MAC. Enjoy and be creative.

    Speaking of which my younges son took my new notebook home with him, so you have reminded me I need to go to BEST and secure another, this time chaining it to my chair.

  14. I wanted to let you know that I talked about this post on my blog tonight...and sent people over to check out your blog. I heart your blog!

  15. I'm also a mac girl, all my life! My dad is a Mac genius (not literally sitting at the "genius bar", although he could) and therefore keeps me up-to-date (every 5 years) with a new mac. I know I'm lucky! Anyway, my Mac motto is, if you can't figure it out you're probably thinking too hard! If you have any specific questions though, shoot me an email and between me, my brother and my father we'll get it figured out in no time! You'll never go back. Enjoy!

  16. Just as I said, a whole post dedicated to your MAC! Good Mama!! You are going to LOOOOOVE LUUUUUVE it!! Forever and ever!!!


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