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Primping Baby

Monkey see, monkey do...

Our big girl, Miss to have her hair "sponge rollered" (well...I can't guarantee that it's the "rollering" that she loves...but, she loves having curly hair...)!

When you come from a long line of stick-straight haired women...sometimes you've gotta suffer for a little bit of bounce! (And...for the record...Miss E's curl lasts approximately 8.3 seconds...oh, woe is the life a straight haired girl!)

And, of course, sometimes little monkey girls need to be just like their big monkey sisters:

Ewww...grody. Who's in charge of washing mirrors around here?


  1. How cute! I've got stick straight hair I know the woes of no curls/no body too!

  2. Awww so cute! I love their blonde hair!

  3. did you happen to take a picture of monkey number 2s hair?

  4. You just described my hair, all my life! My mom would even use pin curls. Later on I lived on perms to get curl and volumn. Now my granddaughter has the same problem and my daughter does just what you do.

  5. So so so cute..and yeah, girl..wash your mirror or something..and then when your done..come wash mine..I'm the worst!! ;-)

  6. Awww how cute! I remember my mom putting rollers in my hair when I was little.

  7. how cute!!!
    what beautifully "curly" hair girls you have :)

  8. Looking good!........

    Totally know what you mean.........I am a super straight-haired girl.....Not only is it straight, it is fine.......

  9. Cute pictures. When I was younger I always used rollers in my hair

  10. they are both so cute. I am the opposite with curly hair and I would die for straight hair.

  11. I have the same fine, straight hair. Finding the right product for volume that actually lasts is like hitting the lottery! Love the cute pics.

  12. Oh my goodness! What beautiful girls! These pictures are adorable!

  13. what a mommy does for love. i bet those are the best 8.3 curly seconds of her life. lol

  14. What cuties! I think you forgot to post the after photo of little monkey's hair! It's like a cliff-hanger! :) So, please, please, pretty please, post an after photo of little monkey girl's hair!

    I think the mirror fairy must be on strike, because my mirrors haven't been cleaned in quite some time! If she shows up at your house, tell her she must get her fanny over to my house!

  15. How precious are they!!!

  16. Oh Miss E.--she looks SO ADORABLE! And Baby Girl is too precious! Did you get photos of her hair after the rollers? Was it a fuzzball?

  17. Oh my goodness, they are so darn cute!! I can't believe they still long enough to have all those rollers put in ;-)

  18. How cute! Miss E is a doll baby with those curls! Love them!

    Tiny girl is too cute.. did hers even curl?!

    Have a good week girl!! :)

  19. They look so cute, love the curls!

  20. Her hair looks so good!!

    Lol at the mirror. That happens here alot too!

  21. Awww, look at those angels! I have the opposite problem...wavy hair that I have to straighten every day or else it just looks sloppy. What's a girl to do!!!

  22. Too cute! My mom used to put curlers in my hair and I always hoped to put them in my daughters hair, but she lucked out big time! Her hair is CURLY! Lucky lucky girl! I'm part of the stick straight hair club and I am jealous!

  23. The memories of sponge rollers. I am one of 6 girls and 5 of us are blonde with straight hair, the other one, and oldest, has dark curly hair. Go figure. Every Saturday night we'd have to get out hair rolled for church on Sunday.

    Your girls are so cute.

  24. So cute! Jordan has curly hair and it's gorgeous, but I know once she gets her first cut they'll be gone. Maybe I will make her a Crystal Gayle.

    Can't believe A-babe brushes her own teeth!!

  25. So adorable! Miss E looks fabulous w/ her curls! And how precious is Little Monkey w/ the curlers in her hair!
    Oh & hey! Where oh where did you find sponge rollers? I've been hunting for those for my little one. She loves having the curly hair but she's got so much it would take me forevah(!) to use a curling iron. (not to mention be really bad for her hair)

  26. I love it! I used to have to roll my hair for dance, so I remember the pulling pain, but the curls are so pretty afterwards.

  27. What precious curls! See, I have curly hair and I would die for it to be straight!! I'm a big fan of the chi!

  28. I use to love me some sponge rollers but yea, I need a can of hair spray and an updo to keep my curls some what intact. Life of a straight haired girl is rough. Cute pics! And if you find someone to clean your mirrors, can you send them my way!

  29. Cute!!!
    My mom used to put those rollers in my hair every night, and I remember hating them!

  30. I had straight as a board hair growing up-even had perms put in so that I could dry my hair out and use hair rollers-still did not hold curl! Now I have natural curl, go figure!

  31. I had straight as a board hair growing up-even had perms put in so that I could dry my hair out and use hair rollers-still did not hold curl! Now I have natural curl, go figure!


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