Thursday, January 7, 2010

Greatest Quote Ever!!

Today, while making lunch, my Little A. piped up, "Mama, look at that blue!"

I glanced in the general direction of where he was looking, saw nuthin' but our "Woolied" brown wall, shrugged my shoulders and thought, "Crazy kid..."

Then again, "Mama! Look at that blue!!"

Repeat above sequence, and glance back at the crazy kid, wondering if I should get him in to a psychologist ASAP.

I ask, "What blue, Little A.?"

Little A., *giggle* "Mama, the sun gave me toys in my eyes!!!"

And you, my love, just gave me tears in mine! see the world through the eyes of a child!

I love you, Little A.!!


  1. What a precious "blue" of Little A!

  2. What a sweet moment to share:)

  3. Oh, how sweet! And as far as your last post goes, I thought your new arrangement looked great! Vast improvement! Good job!

  4. That's awesome! Kids have the coolest way of expressing themselves.

  5. Awww, sweet! I just love moments like these

  6. That is positively AWESOME! :)

  7. So sweet! These are things to remember when they are pain in the tush teenagers!

  8. Aww, how cute. Such amazement in everything... that innocence is amazing.

  9. Love it! Seriously, love it! It must be the day for kid cuteness...

  10. That is so stinkin' cute. Kid's say the funniest things.


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