Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's the Ribbon That Did It...

Oh, how I love finding something fabulous.

And, ohhhhhh...how I love being treated like a girly girl!

Yesterday...I went shopping...and ended up at "aerie".

I found the most fabulous jammies pants ever known to womankind. They are cotton lined flannel!

Cotton lined flannel!!! Can you imagine? It's like...like...like bacon wrapped meat. It just doesn't get any better!

But then...I had a total, "Shopaholic" moment. You know, when Becky just loves to shop because of the "carrier" bags she gets?

Yup...that was me, when I got this:

aerie, princess, pamper, ribbon
Oh...bestill my girly girl heart. I could've fainted.

Dead away.

It was like they just handed me a present! The tissue...the ribbon (the ribbon!!)...(pshhht...just neveryoumind that I bought it! It still looked like a present!!)

It was the ribbon that did it. Well, that...and the sales girl smiled at me and said, "I'll meet you at the end of the counter"...just so she could give me my gift personally.

Seriously? For me? Awwww...you shouldn't have!

And, with that I skipped out of the store, swinging my adorable little carrier bag (with a ribbon!!)...planning my next visit already.

I *heart* aerie. Sigh...


P.S--I almost forgot about the waterbottle giveaway!! But, I didn't (phew!!)!

Random.org chose #8...which is Ali!! Congrats, to Ali!! Send me your info, and I'll get this awesome bottle out to you ASAP!

P.P.S--(PSS? This one always trips me up!) Remember the "big" giveaway we talked about at the start of Hot and Healthy? Well, it's still comin'...but, it'll be review style, in a few weeks...to give it justice. ;)


  1. I always wondered how their stuff was.. I will def. be going to check it out!! Enjoy those jammy pants girl :)

  2. where are the jammie pants? The only place I've seen Aerie is in Santa Barbara, ca..they might or might not have one here..I dunno..but they have cute stuff huh?

  3. Almost makes me want to go shopping, LOL! Almost... :-)

    So excited about that water bottle, thanks for the fun giveaway!

  4. What a fabulous little bag...and the ribbon!! I've never shopped there but for a pair of lined jammie pants I just might have to start!!


  5. i just went to their site to see what the pants looked like there was only 3 flannel so which ever one you got is SO CUTE!!
    thank you stopping by my page...makes me feel special haha

  6. It's amazing what a little packaging can do for a gal! I once bought my friend a little Coach wallet for her birthday (because she LOVES Coach--me? I could take it or leave it) and they threw in a ton of extra "Coach" brand tissue paper. I gave my friend the wallet and the extra tissue and she was so excited about the extra Coach tissue that you'd think it was another (costly) gift! Crazy :) but I totally get it . . . if they'd have had Coach ribbon to go with it I'd have been set for Christmas!

  7. It's very cute with it's little ribbon!

  8. That bag is fantastic. I'm sad we don't have that store in the UK. :-(

  9. Isn't it lovely?! It's wonderful you and your jamies got such top notch treatment.

  10. Did you get 2 pick out the ribbon? Thats my favorite thing about shopping at Aerie is picking out the most prettiest ribbon and having them tie it on my bag!!! Im glad Im not the only one 2 love the ribbons.

  11. I want to see a picture of those jammie pants!

  12. i sooooo get it. great wrapping, great customer service and cute stuff makes me a repeat customer.

  13. I have been to that store once,and that was my favorite part of it all too! Well, plus the clothes of course. lol


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