Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Note to Self...yet, again!'s me. Your self.

We need to chat, 'k?

This whole laundry fiasco you pulled today? You can't let that happen...ever. again.

Not necessarily the whole ruining of your sweet daughter's favorite, barely worn, cuter than the dicken's sweatshirt...but, the whole...the whole...the whole emotional break down part of it!

Dude!! It's just a shirt.

Now, I know you would've crushed her little heart (good thing ebay saved ya, 'eh?!!)...but, really!?


The urge to vomit?

I'll cut ya a break this time, chica...I know the Captain is still lingering...but, please...hold it together next time, will ya?

Alrighty then!

Love ya!



Thanks a bunch,


  1. LOL I still cry when I ruin my own clothes.

  2. Ever since they started me on hormone shots, I cry over EVERYTHING (and I was never a crier!)... I balled the other day because my curling iron broke. My curling iron, which I maybe use once every 3 months. I sat there thinking to myself "why am I crying?" But I couldn't stop.

    You are not alone. And I have yet to master the art of laundry.

  3. Oh, M, I have so been there with that feeling when I've done something (a mistake)that would cause my child to be upset--like when I accidentally missed one of his races at his second swim meet because I had to use the restroom and misjudged how long it was to his next race. Anyway--same thing--wanted to throw up and cry at the same time.
    I think it just means we're good Moms . . .or perfectionists . . .or both :)

  4. Poor Mama!!! Its okay!! At least all of the kiddos are okay and you're healthy...that is what matters!



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