Saturday, January 9, 2010

Too Late...

Too late for Carrot Gravy (it'll hafta be tomorrow).

Too late to be drinking caffeine (bah! Why do I do it?).

Too late for Christmas coupons (guess I need to shop more).

Too late to be witty (I'm all tuckered out.).

Too late for Baby to be awake (but she is).

Too late for a random blog post (or not...).

Too late for...


  1. bugger! been waitin for the carrot gravy post all. day. but i'll forgive ya . . and expect it tomorrow :)

    ANY spoils from your shopping extravaganza?

  2. drink caffeine to cure the caffeine withdraw headache that's been pounding all day...

  3. I always end up drinking coffee in the evenings....maybe I should buy some half-caf or's a thought...

    PS I love random blog

  4. How about: Too late for me to just have woken up from a "nap"... Seriously, a nap. I'm done for the rest of the night, clearly!

    I love random blog posts too!!


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