Monday, January 18, 2010

The Winner...and a good cause!!!

I'm ready to announce the winner of the "5QF breaks 100!!!!!" giveaway!!

But first...a little message.

I've been trying to figure out on how best to help the victims of the Haiti I do an "every comment makes...", or a "giveaway donation"?

Paltry thoughts for such a serious, devastating, heartbreaking event.

So, this is what was decided:

In honor of Five Question Friday meeting the 100 (113!!!!) mark...Mr. Wonderful and I have decided to donate $50 to Doctors Without Borders.

While we would love to have the resources to donate the thousands that some people can, this is what we can do for now.

Doctors without Borders
speaks volumes to my nurses heart, and feels like a good "fit" to us...and, additionally, it is one of the charities that is able to help Haitians immediately. to the giveaway!

Five Question Friday surpassed the 100 mark! I hafta be honest...I wasn't sure it was gonna happen...but happen it did!

113 baby!

The prize I have chosen is a $25 Visa gift card...boring, but oh so versatile!!

And...the winner of the gift card is...

(*insert drum roll here*)

#49!!! It's Kate...from 5...6...7...Kate!!!

So, me with your info, and I'll get you your card (which, I insist, must be spent on yourself!!)! ;)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who joined in! Hope to see you back for next week's 5QF!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Really?!? Thank you so much! That made my day! :) I will email you here in a second. Thanks again!

  2. Excellent choice for a charity! My DH is a natural health Dr. He said the money really does go right to where the need is.

    Congrats on 113!

  3. Congrats Kate! What a wonderful charity to give to. Hooray for 113!

  4. YAY! I heard Sandra Bullock on the Globes last night talking about how the money for Docs W/O Borders goes there right away and how many organizations taking money for aid are having trouble delivering aid . . .so that $50 will go even farther considering! Great cause!

  5. what a great charity that will do a lot of good for the people of Haiti!! And btw, 50 is a big donation. good hearts you and your hubby have!

    visa giftcards are always fun too :)

  6. Oh my gosh I got so excited when I saw my name...then realized it wasn't me! HA HA!

    Congratulations Kate!

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  8. What an awesome cause! That's excellent!
    And Congrats Kate!
    I so wish I could've participated in 5QF - I look forward to it all week. Stupid stomach virus. Oh well. There's always next week


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