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Do you see it?

Take a good hard look at this photo:

Do you see it?

The "Scary Monster"...can you spot it?

Every time we get Baby Girl out of her car seat, she exclaims, "Ooooh, 'cary monsto"! And looks in this general direction.

I've tried and tried...and tried!!

I've sat in her car seat, I've gotten down on her level, I've even tried a little psychological regression...and I still can't see it!

Regardless...I think it's kinda hear that little voice announce, "ooooh, 'cary monsto"'s just too darn cute.

Makes me wanna hug her and love her and protect her from that "'cary monsto"...only thing is...she doesn't seem too concerned about it.

No...actually...the more I think about it...she seems, well...more intrigued by it that anything!

Oh, help me Lord...I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

My fearless fifth child...


  1. I can't see the monster either. That is a cute story though!!

  2. No, I can't see it either, but I bet it's really cute hearing her say that!

  3. I can see's right there. Just kidding.

    Never a dull moment. Kids are the best!

  4. Boy you got my curiosity up and I stared at that picture for 5 min. Let us know if she ever points it out. kare

  5. I wonder if it's the brown hunting gear on the right? Maybe move them and see. Just like kids can see shape in clouds, maybe their folds, texture, and coloring has her seeing something different.

  6. Maybe it is that plastic that looks like it is covering some sort of vent hole way up high on the wall. Does that plastic move and make a sound when the air hits it? Just a guess.

  7. Why did you delete the pregnancy cravings post you just put up?

  8. Pregnancy cravings...wasn't done!! My computer sometimes publishes when I hit "enter" (any advice on this? Not used to this new Mac yet!!), my post was a title. Nuthin' else! the cat's outta the for a "pregnancy craving" post to come!

  9. I tried and I tried too, and I have a pretty good imagination. I agree with what Elizabeth said, it's got to be that large hunting brown bag thingy.

  10. One of my girls can make a face or picture out of anything! I can be fixing her hair, and she can create a whole scene out of the texture on the wall, and say, "Look, Mom-*insert random detailed person/scene/animal drinking a margarita here* Do you see it?"
    That just shows that your little one has a wonderful imagination! :)

  11. Ok, you are not going to believe this but I just had my two year old look at the picture and asked him if it was scary. He said, "look the monster". I'm like where? And he pointed to the skates. And said "his eyes".

    I can kind of see how the white bottoms could look like eyes....yeah...I have no idea. :) but for what its worth, my son agrees with your daughter.

  12. Maybe she means the pants/jacket/brown thing hanging to the right side of the pic?

    I want to see a pic of you in BabyGirl's car seat please and thank you.

  13. Wish I could help but I don't see the monster either. Maybe it's like Santa Claus in The Polar Express. If you believe in him, you'll see him :)

  14. They say kids are sensitive to things like that. Maybe she does see something there??
    I don't see anything.
    My son use to ask me, when he was three, if I could see the soldiers walking around at night with their swords. Imagine how that made me feel!

  15. What a cute blog. I enjoy reading your posts. That is funny that you got down her level to see what she sees.

  16. Maybe it's under the pants...or IN the shoes? :)
    Very cute, regardless!

  17. Kids are too funny! Thanks for stopping by. I just did a post and linked up to your Five Qustion Friday post, even though it is Sunday! Oops. So, 5 kids. How old are they? I do not know if you stayed to visit long enough but I have 4, hoping for number 5 soon and there are 3 boys, 1 girl, ages 12, 11, 4 and 17 months, BGBB. I love kiddos and would have a house full but if I am lucky enough to get a number 5 (or 6 if twins, hehe) we will sadly have to be done. Have a great day!

  18. That's so funny, I wonder what she can see there. A bit of imagination can do all sorts. When we have an ironed shirt hanging on the back of the bedroom door for the morning, I've awakened in the night and got a fright thinking it was someone at the door!

  19. We have a monster too!!! My youngest (age 6) refuses to go downstairs by her self, this just started a month ago. Turned out she thought the smoke alarm was a monster because one morning it went off (because it was dying) made her think a monster was in the house!!! I can't tell her any different either!


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