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I have no idea if this story will play out as well in print as it did in real life, but I'm gonna give it my best shot!

But first, a couple of backstories:

Backstory #1: You know the whole "I love you/I love you more" game we play with our kids? Well, one day I told them I could prove it that parents love their kids more than their kids love their parents. I said, "Parents never leave their kids, but kids grow up and leave their parents. See? I proved it." And now it's part of our "I love you/I love you more game".

Backstory numero dos: Hambone is HORRIBLE with his money. Super generous to others, which is good, but can't hold onto money for nothin'. He'll buy treats for his siblings, he'll buy eggs from his sister (and no, I don't make my kids buy their own food...he just wanted in on the egg business), he just can't hang onto it...and I'm frequently telling him to spend his money wisely.

So...last night at bedtime, we were bedtime snacking away and Hambone was getting barked at left and right by various family members, and letting it all roll off his back...finally, I pulled him to my side, kissed his head and whispered to him that I thought he was a being a great sport...and then I said, "I love you".

To which he promptly responded, with a grin, "Love you more!!"

"Oh nooooo." I replied, "We've already been through this...I PROVED that I love you more, remember?!"

He retorted in his quirky little way, "I'm not gonna moooooove out. I'm not good at spending my money...I probably won't be able to afford a house!!"

And I died.

And he's right.

He'll be my 30 year old kid, living in our basement, watching movies and quoting obscure movie lines all day.

Great. ;)


  1. HA! This is too cute! We do that game as well, and C. about killed me one night. After the whole I love you/ I love you more, I said, "That's just not possible." C (my first grader) said, "Yes, it is. I looked it up on the Internet."


  2. Bite your tongue, Mama… it can happen! Our fourth (of 5), lovable, smart, personable kid? Living in our basement at age 27. And he can quote movies with the best of 'em. And I still love him more. :)

  3. Hilarious! My brother is 30, married, and lives in my parents' basement (it's a full fledge apartment, but still!). Pretty sure my parents love it. ;-)


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