Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dare I Say "It's Here"?!

Okay. Guys. I'm totally taking a leap of faith here. Testing karma. Throwing caution to the wind.



I think spring is here!!!

And now, Minnesota can prepare to be blasted with another snow storm. ;)

For real though...last weekend was full of gorgeousness. Absolutely jam packed full of sunshine and warm breezes.

Yesterday I actually sat through my (though it wasn't Pal's) first baseball game of the season and did NOT freeze my buns off! (And, we won, so there's that.) I was feeling a bit guilty because I hadn't yet been to one of his games (for the record, I've only missed two) my defense the first one was a crazy, busy, "I need 5 of me" night (the Mr. went) and they lost by 10 (so I don't feel too bad about missing it) and played like poo (against our arch rivals) and the 2nd game was miserably cold (most other activities were cancelled) and they lost again (but not by 10) and I was a poor sport and just couldn't force myself to go.

Bad me.

And baseball is my favorite, I have some really awesome baseball moms to chat with while we watch and cheer and yell and scold our boys. The Great American Pastime.

Since I was fairly close to the "biggish city" nearby us, I decided to take a little detour and grab some Chipotle. See, yesterday I was pricing food options for Pal's graduation party and so I scoped out Chipotle (HOLY EXPENSIVE BATMAN!!!!) (Yeah, we won't be having that.) (Looks like cold cuts and Doritos for us.) and set off a ferocious and extreme craving for Chipotle that could only be cured by...well...Chipotle!

Man was it good.

Bonus: I only ate half, so guess who's having Chipotle for lunch tomorrow?!

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