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Ten Things I Learned on Vacation.

Been back to the daily grind now for a week. A WEEK!! 

Coming back from vacation is such a rude awakening, isn't it? Days upon days of relaxation, maid service, no responsibility...then WHAM!!! as soon as the plane touches down, it's back to reality!

Super glad to be home with my babies...missing the heat, the sound of the crashing waves, the aforementioned maid service...but so thankful to hold my kiddos in my arms and sleep in my own bed!

Anyway, I learned a few things on vacation, thought I'd share them with you. Ready? no particular order, here's what I learned:

1. SPF 15 is no match for the Mexican sun. (At least for my Scandinavian skin.)

2. A sunburned tummy is so incredibly itchy it just might make you go crazy.

3. Plane delays on both ends of your trip are the pits.

4. Pina Coladas are delicious...but only the first 8 or so. Then? Ugh. The sweet. The coconut. The blech.

5. Spas are amazing. (Especially the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach spa...not to be specific or anything.)

6. Speaking of spas, when your massage therapist tells you, in broken English, "You sweat a lot today. Drink water." She ain't lyin'. (Holy MOLY...why did that massage make me sweat like a professional wrestler?!)

7. Flying with a bad cold is akin to shoving burning hot knives into your ear drums.

8. Speaking of flying...just when you think you might be able to do without your dose of Valium for your flight, the pilot will announce, "Just a heads up, we will be experiencing some rough air."...and suddenly the only thing that matters in the whole world is ingesting that dose of Valium as quickly as you possibly can. (Oh how I envy those of you who can fly without fear.)

9. One on one time with your hubby is priceless.

10. No one at home, not one single person, feels sorry for you when you tell them about your sunburn, your ear drums, your plane delays, your flying fears, or how you're so sick of pina coladas. ;)

Excuse me now, while I itch my belly.


  1. I love how, even in Mexico, Paul is wearing jeans! He obviously didn't get the memo of what to pack! :)

  2. sounds perfect. I am the queen of getting burned. YIKES,, so sorry

  3. Oh how I love the beach!! I am so ready for a trip.

  4. The great thing about vacations is that they can be both enjoyable and valuable learning experiences. And you clearly got the 'enjoyable' part covered! Next time, it would be a better idea to bring sunscreen with a higher level of SPF, just to be sure. Also, learn when it's time to get out from under the sun! All in all, I'd say the vacation was well spent.



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