Monday, February 24, 2014

Real Time...

Sitting here, listening to the whir of my Young Living diffuser and breathing in the lovely aroma of my "Lavermint" (yeah, yeah...that's my made up word for "peppermint" and "lavender". Catchy, huh?). Still totally sold on these oils.

For real.

Anyway...crazy how now that I have a job with "real" hours, 10 o'clock seems "late"! This would've been early for me I'm rushing to be able to lay my head down and get to sleep! 6 am comes so fast.


I hate my alarm.  

Amazed that it was 2 weeks ago, already, that we left for Mexico. CRAZY. Seems like we just got back...and yet, like we never really left! ;) Such is life for a busy family...jump right back in like you never missed a beat!

My night was made when Kate mentioned this might be the year that Blogapalooza comes to fruition. So. EXCITED!!!!! 

Gel manicures? LOVE them. This is one perk to an office job that I didn't have before...I couldn't wear fun polish at the Bring it on!! Except, the gel. When it starts chipping. Ugh. I can't just LET IT BE and so I pick. And pickandpickandpick and then my nails get all peely.

Fer dumb.

Okay. I've gotta hit the hay.

Just wait until you read my story about spray tans tomorrow.

Riveting, I tell you. COMPLETELY gripping.

Or, you know, maybe not. ;)


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