Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Remember Last Day?"

This girl is the sunshine in my heart. Well, all of my kids are...but lately? Her sun is shimmering.

I think 4 is one of my favorite ages. Somewhat independent, still a little needy, able to understand humor, and talkative.

Oh my. The talking.

Late night conversations about nothing. When she asks for a drink from my water bottle and I say it the way she used to say it when she was a baby, "bottow bottow" and she looks at me, mouths "bottow bottow" and says, "That sounds like water bottle."...I melt.

And then, when she is trying to talk about something that happened in the past and she says things like, "Remember, last day? When we went for a walk to the park?" and "last day" could be anywhere from yesterday to a year ago to before she was born.

Oh, and then there is the extra "ed" on past tense "verbbing"..."he yelleded in my ear!" or "I bited my tongue!" or "I jumpeded off the couch!"...she makes my heart sing.

I have decided that a conversation with a 4 year old is the most enjoyable thing on the planet. Or at least, last day it was.


  1. I love when Jordan says "can we go to the park, after later?" or "can i have a cookie after later?"

    This is a beautiful age, M. Fo sho.

  2. I love it! One of my favorites was when my youngest used to use his imagination to pretend he was a guy from a video game. As early as age 2 he'd follow me through the store doing karate chopping, kicking and lots of "pow-powing!" He referred to it as "imaginating". Yes, it was a bit violent, but oh so cute!

  3. Seriously....conversations with C (4 1/2) melt my heart. I need to record them!!!

  4. I LOVE talking to my 4 year old son. He says 'remember last day' too - so adorable. And then listening to him and his 2 year old brother have 'conversations' when they don't realize I'm listening - OH MY HEART. I melt into a puddle.

  5. She is adorable! My niece is now 14, and she loves it when my sister and I tell her stories about when she was little. Your little ones are so lucky that you're recording all of this.

  6. Sweet post, and beautiful pictures!

  7. In our house, it was "Lastergo" - some convolution of last week, yesterday and a while ago.
    I miss those words. Those sweet conversations. Precious!


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