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Boy, I need to sit myself in a quiet corner of a cozy coffee shop and write these posts that are floating around in my head taking up valuable space...they'd be much better out here, in the open, instead of cluttering my brain.

However...I need your advice. Again.

I'm sure you know that Apple announced "the new iPad" (dumb name) today. It sounds pretty spiffy to my (very) non IT brain. (Comparisons here.)

What I like:
~Faster (but faster than what? I've never had the iPad 2 to compare it to...)
~Better Camera (but still a crappy forward facing camera)
~Better Video
~Better Display (does the naked eye actually pick up those differences?!)

Now, my question...2 or "new"?

And, for those of you already with an 16 GB enough? I was/am leaning toward 32...but do I need that many GBs? (For the record, the 2 only comes with 16 GB...if that makes a difference with your advice giving.)

Thank you kindly, in advance for what I'm sure will be your fabulous advice...annnnnnd GO!


  1. I wouldn't get a 16GB, 32GB minimum is what I would do. I know even with my iPod the 32GB gets filled up pretty quickly if I'm not paying attention. Oh boy do I want one, but I'll only be dreaming about it for the foreseeable future.

  2. I have the iPad 2, and I think that one will be fine for you. Realistically, how often are you going to be taking pictures and videos with it? As for speed, I've never had a problem with the speed on mine so I doubt you'll notice a difference. But you should go to the Apple store and play around with iPad 2 now so you can compare.

  3. i have ipad2, and its perfect. i take a million photos and have a ton of kid apps, plus my apps.. and with regular syncing it hasn't been a problem.

  4. To be honest... I am not in love with my IPad(gasp, I know). It is a pain in the... uhum, to blog with. I have lost posts and comments. Do I hate it?? No! I guess it depends on what you want to do with it.

  5. I have an iPad 2 and I LOVE, LOVE it! We've had it since Christmas. We have 16GBs and find that to be PLENTY of space.
    We don't download movies though.....just watch them on Netflix. I use it to read blog posts, read books (with Kindle app), have some fun with Instagram (I don't have an iPhone, or any smart phone for that matter), play games, send e-mails, listen to Pandora and take it with us around the house....we just really love it and use it a lot.
    The only complaint I have is the crappy camera, but really, who cares. I use my DSLR and only use the iPad camera to take a quick pic of my boys and e-mail it to my husband while he's at work, or my mom.
    As far as the new iPad having a better HD screen- my husband an I both agree the iPad 2 is beautiful and enough for us! My husband also said that the new iPad is heavier because of that and the battery doesn't last as long. So, we are definitely glad we have the iPad2. Hope that answers your questions. Good luck looking around. :)

  6. Definitely 32 GB. I have a 16 GB, and if you ever use the photo stream feature, you run out of room REAL quick. Also, I would personally say the newer one. I have the iPhone 4 and my hubby upgraded to the 4S in October. I didn't think the differences were big enough for me to upgrade so I had planned to wait out the iPhone 5. But his camera is SO much better. I almost can't stand usin the camera on my phone anymore. And his phone really is faster. Moral of the story? I think the improvements are worth it. Just my opinion.

  7. Mama M., hi! I'm definitely an Apple fan girl, at almost 50! I have the iPhone 4, 32 GB, and wish that I had more storage room! I've got an iPod 60GB from '05, that I haven't quite filled with music and podcasts yet. And, I have the iPad2 that I got back in October as an early Christmas present! It's a 64GB 3G, we opted not to pay for the WiFi (though sometimes I wish that I had!). I've blogged a couple of times from it, use it for viewing movies and shows on Netflix and from some of my apps, like ABC Family app and the NBC app. I've loaded some of my digital copy movies on to my iTunes account, and loaded a few onto the iPad2. I use a lot of my apps on it, and my 13 year old son uses it to play games and watch Netflix on it.

    Would I prefer the new one, the iPad3? Well, somewhere down the road, if I either win one, or the prices come down later (and if I had a little expendable cash!), I wouldn't might getting it. I've already bought a Griffin Technology iPad cover for it, that I interchange with a Kensington case which has a bluetooth keyboard with it. Plus, I bought an iRest to use, when it's not in either case!


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