Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Late. Not really, but feels like it is.

Early. Tomorrow will arrive much to soon, as we are headed down to the "Big City" to cheer on our local hockey team in the State Tournament...we're up against tough competition, doesn't look good, however, if you'll remember, there was a certain hockey team (ahem, USA) that was also up with the odds stacked against them and won a very shiney GOLD medal.

That could totally be us.

My girls had their hair cut this afternoon...Baby's was in tough shape. Down to the top of her pants, but so straggly and thin on the ends you couldn't really tell. Now? It's seems so short but looks so much better!

Belle's...well, hers pretty much looks the same. She wants to go back and get a bit more taken off.

And now...I must sleep. Send positive, "kick their butts" thoughts our way for tomorrow's game!

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  1. Have fun...there is always so much energy at those games.


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