Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Night With Lady A...

Good food, great music, a night out with my handsome man...what more could a girl ask for?!

Sunday afternoon (after a much too long stop at Menard's to buy tile for our bathroom remodel...yes, I know, I need to post some pics of the work in progress...) the Mr. and I headed on down to the "Big City" for a loooooooooong overdue date night.

Dinner at Fogo de Chao. *burp* *groan* In an interesting juxtaposition, we initially sat next to a table dudes. And they ate and ate and ate.

Next to sit at that table? A bunch of CrossFit'ers, prolly just going home from the gym (judging by their attire) and in need of some serious fuel (See his t-shirt? "Embrace the Suck" skeers me).

Dudes were ripped. And they ate and ate and ate. In my mind I saw myself with the chubby guys...but really wanting to be like the ripped guys.

In the end, it just all comes down to me wanting to just eat and eat and eat. Have you ever been to Fogo? It's incredible. An endless supply of food that just keeps streaming to your table, over and over and over.

Gaucho chefs walk around with skewers of meat and stop at your table to offer you a piece of meat. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) The salad bar? Incredible. The sides? Delicious...except I didn't try the fried bananas. (Blech.)

And for dessert? Creme Brulee. Stick a fork in me, I'm done...but, at this point, I was pretty much like a stuffed sausage so if you would've stuck a fork in me, I would've likely have squirted grease all over.

After supper, we were headed to the Lady Antebellum concert...lucky for us, the Target Center was a block away. And, also lucky for us, the weather here has been unseasonably warm (like, 60's warm...versus the 30's that we usually have right now) so the walk to the Tarjay Center was wonderful!

Once inside, we found our (not too shabby) seats and caught the very last (our favorite) song of the first opener "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not".

Next up was Darius Rucker, who will always be Hootie to me. Bonus!! He even sang some Hootie songs! Yay!! He rocked it. I'm debating as to whom I enjoyed more...he or Lady A...he was THAT good!! (And apparently, Hootie gets better with age...dude was lookin' good!)

I told my hubs, as everyone was cheering him on during his Hootie songs, that he was prolly thinking, "Where were you son's of B's when I was Hootie?!"

During the intermission between Darius (I sooooo wanted to type "Hootie" there) and Lady handsome date spied some empty seats up closer, so he investigated and scored us some AMAZING SEATS!! Amazing enough that I even snagged a couple of waves from Hilary and Dave!

The highlight of Lady A was when they sang "American Honey"...they pulled up a little 7 year old girl (well, actually "7 and a half" according to her) to sing with them and she was so stinkin' cute!

I'm such a mom too...I actually got a little teary, thinking of how proud that little girl must be, standing on that stage in front of tens of thousands of people cheering her on. What a wonderful memory for her!

And, one of my favorite photos...the audience acting as a real, live "disco ball"...look at all those phone lights!!!

We had a blast. Got out of the city and headed home in record time with a pocketful of memories to last us forever.

Thank you, hon, for the awesome Christmas present. I love you!


  1. You two are such a beautiful couple!

  2. What an amazing night! I can only imagine how good that concert was.... Date night is so important. This one might be pretty hard to top.

  3. i saw them friday when they were here in chicago! great concert, i love me some hootie (he was amazing!! it was like a concert inside of a concert!) lady a was good,i took the same picture when everyone had their phones on too :)

  4. oh that sounds like a amazing date. So excited for you

  5. I. LOVE. LADY. ANTEBELLUM. Glad you had fun! I've been to so many concerts at Target Center. That place holds many memories for me! My most recent concert was Big Time Rush at the fair last August. HA.


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