Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Remember when...

Remember when just the thought of taking my babe shopping made my skin crawl?

Remember when I figured that I was destined to a shopping free life due to my wee-est one's extreme aversion to anything related to malls?

Well...(you might want to sit down for this one...) I am happy to announce that she appears to BE CURED!!!

And, not only cured, but ENJOYABLE whilst shopping!

The kiddos had the day off of school yesterday (why, I'm not sure, but I'll take any days off that I can get...) and we needed a First Communion suit for Dubya so off we went to Kohl's with my mom's 30% off coupon.

We found his suit...and a whole bunch of other stuff.


My husband doesn't buy it. Killjoy...always such a "realist" and looks at the bottom line...aka "How much did you spend?" Usually I evade this question with, "Look how much I saved!!!" but he's catching on.

Just like he caught on to my tactic of extreme overexaggeration of spendage so that when I actually told him the real amount, it never seemed as bad (i.e. "I'm sorry hon, I spend $500. Okay, I'm kidding, it was only $350!"...like that.). Hmmmm...actually, I haven't used that one in a while, might need to break it out again!

So, I broke the bank yesterday...but see, I could, 'cuz my last stop was to go Sam's Club to pick up the Dave Ramsey book so we could start to tackle our finances. It was like one last binge drink before jumping on the wagon. Like waiting until after Thanksgiving to start a diet. Go crazy, then buckle down.

Only, when I got to Sam's, the book wasn't there any more. I took it as a sign that we should just keep spending all willy nilly...I mean, what else could it mean?!

In other news...our kids are set for summer clothes.

The end.


  1. Haha! I love your blog posts! Most of the time if I'm having a bad day I can come read your posts and then I'm in a better mood. :)
    Anyways.. I understand what you mean about fooling the hubby. I do that quite frequently actually. Hehe. Unfortunately, my husband is catching on as well.. Just means I have to find new tactics. :)

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have written this!! I love your "responses" mostly because they are the SAME responses I give! Oooopppsss!!! Why do husband's have to be so smart! :)

  3. I went crazy at Kohls' the other day too! HOWEVER, since we're already Ramsey-ified, I shopped from an envelope and came home totally guilt free- cauze I just told the husby- "hey, the money all came from the envelope!"


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