Monday, March 5, 2012

A Recent Photoshoot...

One of my dear, sweet friends recently brought her freshly turned 2 year old over for some pictures.

If you remember, I did her one year pictures...

And, she just wasn't havin' it. At all. Didn't really appreciate me at ALL. Or my camera.

This time, we started out in a similar fashion...

And then? Then I mentioned a sucker after we were done and suddenly?

WOWZA!! Where's this girl been the last two years?! ;)

She was a delight...and I think I got some pretty good shots!


  1. I adore the second to last one. Stunning!!

  2. Beautiful photos you are really talented! I like the one of her laying on the floor smiling just too cute.

  3. Very talented what a gorgeous girl and wonderful photos x

  4. LOL! It's funny how much difference a sucker makes isn't it?

  5. Great photos, I will have to try the sucker trick with my son the next time!

  6. so glad i dropped by! your photography is as wonderful as i remember. great job! wished you lived closer, i'm in need of a family photo without heads missing. lol


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