Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh Dear.

It's bad. My mind. Ever since we left the hospital, my mind seems to have flown the coop...perhaps it headed to Tahiti. I dunno.

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I have become so scatterbrained and's like the last few weeks (er...months, actually) have been so stressful and consumed so much brainpower, than my mind finally just flipped me the bird and hightailed it out of town at the first opportunity.

I have missed appointments, forgotten which day it was (hence, then missed appointments), totally blown off our "Mommy and Me" ECFE class, forgotten to pick things up at the grocery store, and a whole laundry list of other things that, guess what?!, I'm forgetting right now.

But last night took the cake.

Yesterday, my wonderful mama picked up some baseball gear for The Pal (his first game is tonight)...and I got no less that 17,324 text messages from him reminding me to pick it up on my way home from work (my first 4 hours back in three weeks...).

Guess what? Uh huh.

I forgot.

Even AFTER I had talked with my hubby (on my way home) about what a persistent PITA The Pal can be, and "why the heck it couldn't wait until tomorrow 'cuz his game isn't until 5 pm?!"...I still forgot.

Didn't even remember what I had done until I had been home for quite a while, enjoyed a midnight bowl of cereal with my hubby...then slapped my forehead and groaned. For Pete's sake...I DROVE RIGHT PAST MY PARENT'S TURN!!!

I am in need of my mind to cease vacationing. I'm sure it is thoroughly enjoying itself on the beaches of Tahiti, sipping tropical drinks and dipping it's toes in the water...but I NEED it.



I'm afraid I'm going to forget one of my kids, if this keeps up! Oh, wait...I've done that before. With a fully functioning mind.



  1. Pretty sure I would have made a midnight run just so I wouldn't have to hear about it the next day ;)
    As if mommy mind isn't bad enough...throw in some trauma and we're screwed!!!

  2. so funny, it is weird how our brains has a way of telling us to slow down and take a break

  3. I think you deserve a few missed appts and a few forgetful have totally earned that right

  4. Totally understandable, M! when you find your mind, call your bestie :)

  5. I'm so there - my mind is mush thanks to sleep deprivation and trying to keep track of 4 little bodies and all their accessories. Enter "Simplify Your Life" by Marcia Ramsland and the corresponding Bible Study at the church where my kiddo attends preschool. Brilliant. Check it out? I'm going to (hahahaha when I have time) blog about it soon!

  6. That is always one of my greatest fears - that my mind will be somewhere else and I'll forget my kids. I actually HAVE forgotten to buckle them into their car seats. At least he was somewhere safe!

    Completely off topic, I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. I'm not sure if you've received one before, or if you're even familiar with it. But you can check out what I wrote about your blog and see the award over on my blog post: Someone Really Likes Me! (I hate spamming, and this kind of feels like it, but I really wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog!)

  7. are not alone -- i forget things right after I say I must not forget them. I say, you pack your bags and join your mind in Tahiti instead and have a good vacation yourself. ;)

  8. Welcome to my LIFE and I have ONE child. *sigh*

  9. After reading your previous post, I think you've been through a lot emotionally in the past week or so, and it's to be expected that your brain is taking a little break. Let yourself have that break! Set up Google Calendar to remind you of things so you don't have to worry about them. If it makes you feel any better, I forget dates ALL. THE. TIME. You're a mom. A great mom. Cut yourself some slack. :)


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