Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First time to the dentist...

And not a single photo to show you.

Why, you ask?

Well...lemme tell ya.

Baby Girl has been accompanying her big sibs to the dentist since she was a wee little babe. She has seen them lay in the chair, put on their sunglasses, and get their teeth "counted"...over and over and over, twice a year, since she was fresh outta the womb.

We talked about her upcoming "inaugural trip" to the dentist at home. "Are they going to count your teeth, Baby Girl?" we would ask.

"Uh huh!" she would proudly proclaim, nodding her head excitedly.

Well, today was that day. And I thought I had her all prepared...

Two kiddos get called back...I talk with the dentist about one, then the Babe watches Hambone briefly in his chair before her number is up. "Baby Girl", the hygienist calls.

And two little arms reach out, wind themselves around my neck, and put me in a choke hold.

"Uh oh." I'm afraid this is headed in the wrong direction.

So, we cheerfully encourage her to sit in the chair...and she is having NOTHING to do with that. The hygienist offers me to sit on a chair and hold my girl while she does her thing...I point out Hambone down the line (it's a big open room) and my babe eyes him up and declares she wants to sit in the chair.

I plop her in...and they start to lower the back and raise the whole dang thing up.

*Cue freaking out, massive tears.*

Back to my lap, force her to lay down with her head in the hygienist's lap and the crocodile tears are killin' me. I'm talking to her, reassuring her...but NOTHING is working. Poor girl is FAH-reaking out! (Remember, BIG OPEN ROOM. Poor other kids in the room.)

She gets a short reprieve before the dentist comes to peek...*cue freaking out, massive tears again*...and I lay her back with her head on his lap and not only are the crocodile tears running down her head, but they're making her hair soaking wet (quite the performance)...AND she is crying "I NEED ME MAMA!!! I NEEEEEEEED ME!!!" (Which means, in "BabyGirlese" "Get me the hell outta here, mom!!!")

Yup, in true Baby Girl fashion...she threw me for a loop. Her four older siblings were "timid" enough that they just did what they were instructed to do...climb up in the chair and say "ahhhh".

But not our Baby Girl.

She teaches us...no, scratch that, DEMANDS of us...to find a new way of parenting every. single. day.

And to think we thought that by #5 this would all be a piece of cake.

Piece of cake, meet Baby Girl.

'Nuff said.


  1. i have to take my little one to the dentist this afternoon... it no fun

  2. My #'s 1-3 sound exactly like that. EXACTLY. My kids EAT the piece of cake and poop it out. "Figuring it out" is a way of life... daily. "FigurED out" will have no room in my parenting vocabulary, I'm afraid. So I'm right there with ya. I think if parents were meant to get it figured out, God would have made all kids the same. Sigh. I'm taking 3 of my 4 to the library in a few minutes... Sometimes it's a relaxing trip, other times we get kicked out... Haha, place your bets as to which one this is!

  3. JDaniel has his first appointment in June. I can see the drama already.

  4. Awww..poor baby girl! How traumatic for her. Our little grandson Harrison is 3 and he needed a filling...so they took him to the hospital...put him to sleep and did his filling!

    I had never heard of that before...but I guess it is common when kids are little! (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Poor mama and poor baby girl! A friend just took her daughter to the dentist for the first time and I was shocked to hear about the "communal" experience in a big open room. Kinda bizarre, don't you think?

  6. It really is hard to convince kids to go to the dentists. Sometimes, you have to do a little "bribery" like giving him a reward for going through it all without crying. I know you've tried that already, but I do hope that you were able to convince her that day. Oh, can I ask how did you convince her? That is if Baby Girl was really convinced.


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