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EggStock '11

Every so often, I need to pull up my big Mama panties and do something I'd rather not.

Clean up puke...decide what to do with a sippy cup full of milk that was found under the couch after months of hiding...dye Easter Eggs...make cut-out Christmas cookies...carve pumpkins.

Moment of honesty here: I can NOT find the strength (or big enough panties) to actually carry out those last two. Early on in my mothering career, I took one for the team and did it...but now? Now with 5 kids vying for knives and flinging slimy pumpkin seeds all over and the rolling/rolling/rolling out of cookies?

I decided that it takes years off my life...and I figure, when my kids grow up, that they'll appreciate me thinking of them long term and realizing that they'd rather have their good ol' mom around for a few extra years than carving a stupid pumpkin.

(Shhhh...don't burst my bubble, let me believe this one. Sigh. Okay, maybe this year I'll have to dig deep to find the ginormous panties it takes for me to pull those last two holiday activities off. MAYBE.)

Anywhoodles...last weekend I decided to tackle the egg dying routine..."EggStock '11"...only it wasn't a 3 day party (phew!!). Some years we get fancy kits, other years (i.e. this year) we just go with straight up dye. Less years lost off my life that way.

And, if I'm going to be totally honest, it wasn't that bad. Save for the "But MO-om, he already dyed two eggs!"..."MO-om, it's my turn for the blue now!!" know, the typical Easter Egg coloring bickering.

I need to realize to just let them be. Who cares if an egg breaks (they don't eat them anyway, since the Easter Bunny puts their "personalized" egg in their basket and it sits out all night), or if they want to dip their egg in every color, or if some fingers get dyed rainbow colors, right?

It's all for the memories. (That is going to be my new mantra, "It's all for the memories. It's all for the memories. It's all for the memories." Maybe it'll help get me through...)

Oh, and LOOK! There's even a photo of me! Oh, and look...we need to repaint that corner...

And now, my Baby Girl can NOT stop talking about "when da Easter Bunny gonna put my agate in da Easter Basket?" (She usually calls eggs "eggies"...but we went on an Easter Egg hunt at Dr. J's a coupla weekends ago during which they also hunted for agates and now she's all confused...)

So, the count down is on: 4 days 'til "da Easter Bunny" puts the "agates" in "da Easter Baskets"!

EggStock '11...not as bad as I thought it'd be!


  1. How FUNNY!!! It has always been a tradition of our families to die eggs the night before EASTER!!! WHY!?!?!?! do I do this to my self every year. Trying to get die off of the kids fingers before heading to church. lol Maybe one day I will learn and do it earlier like you. :) HAPPY EASTER!!

  2. You made it! It really is amazing what we do to yourselves some days, huh? We always do it the night before Easter just like the Price family and I always have dye on the kids fingers and my fingers. We eat our eggs though so the Easter bunny isn't allowed to touch them. There is plastic eggs in their baskets. I just had a slumber party for my oldest and I had to keep saying "It's all for the memories".

  3. Oh geez! I need to do this! Ahhh! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. for whatever reason I got it in my head that I was going to hand paint Anna's Easter basket. dumb dumb dumb lol The good thing is its over with now haha

  5. no guilt, i have some how managed to get out of dying eggs this year. hmm wonder if I can make it another 5 years

  6. You are one brave mama! However, those eggs turned out beautiful...makes me want to actually attempt doing that with my 3 little boys....maybe.

  7. I feel the same way. I put off egg-dyeing for the first several years of motherhood, but we've done it the last 2 years and I think it's a lot easier than cut-out cookies (which I also usually force myself to do once per year--hint, I only use half a batch of dough). And so far I like pumpkin carving though my kids are young enough that they do pumpkin crafts while grownups wield knives.

    Always nice to hear from other moms who don't love the involved holiday hands-on traditions!

  8. I have to say that I soo dislike dying eggs. I am not sure why, but I think it has something to do with three kids fighting over who gets the red, blue or the green.


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