Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Real Time...

Currently, right at this very moment (well, you know, unless you're reading this at 10:30 pm tonight...) here are the happenings in our home:

I'm making "eggies" for my baby who is suddenly addicted to eggs and requests them for breakfast, lunch, supper, and every snack time in between. While said eggies are cooking, she's munching on Sixlets...I know, Mother of Year, right?

Sixlets are her second addiction...good thing about this addiction is she can't open the package yet, so I do it for her and she always lets me have the first one.

Yum...Sixlets could solve the world's problems. I'm convinced.

I'm cursing out our "nearly" brand new land line phones...either AT&T sent out some bad phones to Sam's Club, or we got a bad package. Stoopid phones won't keep a charge. Grrrr...which means, now I have to return them to said warehouse store and lose our adorable answering message that Baby Girl says. :(

Waiting on a phone call from my dad that could tell us, possibly, that we're getting our money back from when that big old oak tree fell on our house last summer. Oh, wanna see that oak tree now?


Tell ya one thing, THAT fell good! "Take THAT Mr. Oak meanie!"

And now, because I got all caught up in this real time report, my daughter is munching on a meatless, veggieless, cheeseless "omelet". That's what happens when you don't pay close enough attention to the eggies on the stove. #fail (Why, yes...I did just use a Twitter hashtag in a blog post...)

Well friends, I'm a busy day ahead of me...CPR renewal, then a full day of work after that...add to that the horrible night of sleep I got last night, and, well...wish me luck!


  1. Gum also would solve all the problems known to man in this household! lol

  2. Sixlets are amazing! It used to be my go to candy, but I've since switched to PB snickers..Mmmm!

  3. I don't think I know what sixlets are....

  4. Guess what time I read this, My computer says 10:30 exactly and now I want eggs and sixlets

  5. Hope your busy day went well!

  6. Anything to make a 3 year old happy works well in our house too. I have 2 of them and it's just not worth the fight sometimes. I have let my twins have "fingerbutters" (Butterfinger) for breakfast before.

  7. WOW... hopefully you'll get some reimbursement for that lovely big old oak tree and the damages it caused!



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